Investigating the Practical Function of Creativity and Innovation to Improve Learning Quality Using Spiritual (inner) Intelligence via Consciousness Field

Authors Sara Hemati; Mohammad Ali Taheri; Nima Khodadad
Conference date September 2020
Conference name SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2020, Tucson, Arizona


Each particle in the universe is affected and shows a certain behavior by different fields such as gravity, electromagnetism and so on. One of the theories of Erfan Keyhani (Halgheh) introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri presents another field which is called “Consciousness Field”. In a consciousness field, consciousness (behavioral software) programs of human beings, animals and plants can be changed and corrected. It is important to distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic intelligence. The intrinsic or spiritual intelligence is a well-known source of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, self-esteem, intellectual independence, and managing negative emotions. In this research, the effect of the consciousness field on enabling the intrinsic intelligence (inner intelligence) of 120 students at six educational institutions has been studied. The methodology was to evaluate intrinsic intelligence by creating a consciousness field in the classroom followed by dynamic learning (stimulating enthusiasm and amazement). The group exposed to the consciousness field showed higher level of creativity and innovation. The result of this research used for the development of a dynamic learning course which is composed of four sequential stages: a) new sight that initiates astonishment, b) new motivation to bethink, c) new exploration to talk with motivated communication, d) new performance to display.

Keywords: Mohammad Ali Taheri; Creativity, Innovation, Inner Intelligence, Consciousness Field

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