Rehabilitation Faradarmangah

Online Faradarmangah for Rehabilitation is launched under supervision of our Medical Research Committee in order to provide free rehabilitation services for those who are affected by addiction.

You can experience Connection to Cosmic Internet for addiction treatment and drug/alcohol rehabilitation. In this regards, you can submit your request and  follow your  Connection on   the given times. You simply need  to close your eye for 5-10 minutes  at  the  submitted times and merely observe the feeling and experience you are encountered to, during your Connection.

It should be noted that our Center need to recognise you by a name. Feel free to choose a nickname if you do not want to submit your real name on our Connection request form.

Submit Your Request Here

You can use a nickname.

Connection Times

We consider times with even numbers for your connection. You can have your connection for rehabilitation on any hours with even numbers (e.g. 12am, 2am, 4am, etc.)
By agreeing the Terms of Service, I acknowledge that:
1. I hereby release, waive, acquit and forever fully discharge and covenant not to sue Releasees (Cosmointel Inc., and each of their members, agents, servants), and assigns of each, of and from any and all claims, and causes of action of every kind and nature, rights that they or any of them now have or claim to have against the others on account of or in any way emanating from or connecting with any dealings and transactions, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, existing, claimed to exist, or which can ever hereafter arise, related to or claimed to exist, or which can ever hereafter arise out of or relating to any loss or damage that may be sustained by me.
2. I hereby consent to participate in research project and receive complementary therapy/healing of Faradarmani that may have (physical, emotion, and mental) externalizations. I also acknowledge that having connection through Faradarmani complementary medicine is completely free of charge.
3. I acknowledge that I understand that participation in the Connections is complementary to my current treatment plan and practices and shall not be considered in any shape or form a replacement of medical treatments. In fact Fara-patient is a person who hasn’t gotten expected result and/or is not satisfied with conventional treatment. I hereby take full responsibility for any decisions regarding or alterations to my treatment plan and the associated consequences.
4. I am obliged to report my evolutionary and therapeutic (physical, emotional, and metal) results to this research team and fully collaborate in this area.