Authors Mehrnaz Monzavi; Mohammad Ali Taheri; Azadeh Meshkin-Far; Matin Rahnama
Conference date September 2020
Conference name SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2020, Tucson, Arizona


This research reflects a supportive scientific fact about one of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Erfan Keyhani (Halgheh) theories called “the Mono-form Universe”. According to Taheri, each aspect of the whole existence functions intelligently and consciously. In this paper, two main topics are discussed and presented. Firstly, the ramification of quantum entanglement is explained to indicate the features of the universal memory, which leads to the conscious functionality of the entire universe. The idea of universal consciousness following from the entanglement phenomenon strongly supports Taheri’s theory. Secondly, various instances of physical systems from modern physics are discussed to show that some structures of intelligent actions are present even among the tiniest parts of the existence such as the sub-atomic particles. This presence of consciousness traces provides us. This presence of consciousness traces provides us with a clear proof for Taheri’s theory of the Mono-form Universe.

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