Investigation Of The Effectiveness Of Consciousness Filed (in Psymentotherapy Method) On Women’s Anxiety Reduction In Comparison With Behavior Therapy

Authors Zahra Rasouli; Mohammad Ali Taheri; Afshin Lorestani; Mohammad Ghamari
Conference date September 2020
Conference name SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2020, Tucson, Arizona


Psymentotherapy, a method of applying consciousness field in the treatment of psychopathy and mental disorders, founded by Mahammad Ali Taheri. According to the theory of this method, any part of human existential components (body, psyche, mind) are related to each other and disorder in any of them will results in defects in others, too. As claimed by the founder, recognition of the malfunctioning component will be impossible, unless an intelligent system ruling the whole components scans them, spots the defect and improves it; function which performed by the mentioned consciousness field in Psymentotherapy method. The present pre-test, post-test quasi-experimental study focuses on the analogy between the effectiveness of Behavior Therapy (BT) and Psymentotherapy in reducing anxiety of women being treated in Fardis Medical clinic at Karaj (a large city near the capital of Iran). Random accessible sampling was conducted and 45 people were picked and appointed in three equal groups (using Psymentotherapy ? using BT ? control, did not receive any treatment), randomly. Psymentotherapy method consisted of 7 sessions, once a week, for 90 minutes attending sessions that, after presenting the required theory of the study method, the patients were affected by the consciousness field of this method for 20 minutes. Zung questionnaire was used to collect data and evaluate the effectiveness of each method. According to the comparison of the female anxiety index between the post-test and the pre-test assays, the Psymentotherapy, BT and control groups anxiety index shown decrease about 12%, 7% and 2.5%, respectively. Moreover, the comparison of this decrease between the Psymentotherapy group and the control and BT group, shown significant decrease about 12% (p-value=0.001) and 6% (p-value= 0.03), respectively. The difference between anxiety index of BT group and control group was not significant in the present study. In conclusion, Psymentotherapy method and its consciousness field has significant influence on the reducing anxiety of the patients of the present study and survey on the male and larger populations is recommended.

Keywords: Anxiety; Behavior Therapy; Consciousness filed; Psymentotherapy

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