Neuroscience Summer Symposium 2023

Neuroscience Summer Symposium 2023

Cosmointel Summer Symposium Participation Report

At the Summer Symposium titled “Neuroscience Needs a Revolution to Understand Consciousness,” held in Encinitas, California, from August 18th to 20th, 2023, the Cosmointel team actively engaged in showcasing their research and ideas. The event featured discussions on the limitations of contemporary neuroscience and the quest to comprehend consciousness, memory, binding, real-time conscious action, and the treatment of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s. These limitations are ascribed to an oversimplified perception of neurons as elementary computing units.

The introduction of new theories offers enhanced explanatory prowess, biological relevance, and empirical backing compared to the traditional neuroscience models centered around overly simplistic neuron paradigms. The symposium underscored the need for a paradigm shift within neuroscience. This shift aims to deepen our comprehension of consciousness and facilitate the development of advanced treatments for associated disorders, as well as foster a novel understanding of consciousness itself.

Throughout the symposium, the Cosmointel team showcased the Journal of Cosmointel publications and shared their latest research findings regarding the impacts of T-Consciousness Fields on matter and energy.

During the event, the Cosmointel team made significant contributions by presenting three talks as following:

  1. “Applied Variant T-Consciousness Fields Can Revolutionize Neuroscience” by Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Mohammad Ali Taheri, Sara Torabi, and Farid Semsarha.
  2. “Empirical Evidence Supporting the Existence of Varied Levels of Mind in Living Organisms and Inanimate Material” by Sara Torabi, Mohammad Ali Taheri, and Farid Semsarha.
  3. “Brain: Hardware for Unveiling Perception and Conscious Experience” by Afshin Lorestani, Mohammad Ali Taheri, Farid Semsarha, and Sara Torabi.

Moreover, all recorded showcase talks videos from the Summer Symposium event have been uploaded to The Science of Consciousness YouTube channel by the organizers.