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Connection is established by an individual who has a history of connecting to the Cosmic Internet (Cosmic Consciousness Network) and to whom connection is granted. Every cycle has its specific connection and effectiveness.

Connection in Faradarmani and Psymentology refers to a kind of connection with the Cosmic Consciousness Network (Cosmic Internet), for which no exact definition can be provided. This is because in a tool-free world (by entering atemporal and aspatial channels) and human can only observe and examine the effects and not the connection (in many cases, individuals are aware of their connection and give reports of their connection but feeling or not feeling the connection does not affect the outcome of Faradarmani, etc. and it is only considered as an experience and not a goal). Since connection is an experimental concept, it is established with a short notice and the result is establishment of a connection between the whole and component; accordingly, traces of the connection are revealed and can be scientifically and experimentally examined.

Software Originality Principle

Any fundamental change in matter-energy behavior is impossible without changes made to their software. It should be remembered that mass and energy are nothing but vibration and have nothing of their own for change unless they are planned for the change and if the particles have specific behavior reactions, it is because they are planned for that and there is a software program behind the scenes.

From this perspective, before considering the hardware in the universe, human, etc., the software behind the scenes is taken into account and is pursuing a revolution in software thinking which is now possible considering the experiences of the past few decades, this software perspective toward the universe.


Definition of Connection

One of the specific characteristics of Cosmic Internet is the possibility of using its member variable consciousness fields, connecting to which would be possible for an observer through atemporal and aspatial channels; this procedure is practically called “Connection”. Considering particular circumstances, the Cosmic Internet provides the user with this possibility (like what is used in Faradarmani and Psymentology supplementary medicines). This tunnel can have exclusive characteristics and make significant changes to living creatures and molecules via variable consciousness fields. However, nothing would happen without accessing the time-space tunnel. Therefore, a variable consciousness field is developed provided that “connection” is established.

Note: The manner of establishing connection is in the realm of intuitive science and an individual specially trained for that can establish the connection by observing the required terms and conditions.


General Connection of Particles

In this viewpoint, one of the principles governing the universe is the possibility of connecting large and small components of the universe to the “Cosmic Internet” through variable “consciousness fields”. Moreover, every particle is exchanging matter, energy and consciousness with another. This possibility is provided through variable consciousness fields with the discretion of cosmic and terrestrial ecosystems.

The software program of all components of the universe exists in the glorious Cosmic Internet. Besides humans, the other components of the universe like animals, plants and generally molecules and cells also follow the same rule, their software program exists in the Network and is influenced within the realm of a consciousness field.

Consciousness Fields: Proof of Concept

In order to prove the Cosmic Consciousness, it is required to first prove the existence of the Consciousness , i.e. to prove effects of consciousness fields by running different tests and obtaining statistics. Consciousness fields are subject to the Cosmic Internet or Cosmic Consciousness Network. These fields are similar to websites connected to the Cosmic Internet to load programs.

In this viewpoint, according to the “Behavioral Ontology” (from fundamental vibration to the universe), behavior of cell, molecule, microorganism, etc. are studied in variable consciousness fields. Change of behavior in a consciousness field through meaningful statistics proves the occurrence of targeted effects on samples under study.

Ultimately, by proving the existence of consciousness fields and their effectiveness, existence of the Cosmic Internet or Interuniversal Consciousness Network is figured out. In other words, studying behavior changes in molecules-cells in consciousness fields leads to meaningful statistical population to prove the existence of consciousness fields and finally, the Cosmic Internet.

A. There is no relationship between establishing the connection and closing the eyes.

B. Closing the eyes is not necessary and it is only for avoiding further agitation of mind (surrounding distractors) in subjects to consider their internal changes more attentively. Otherwise, everyone can experience the connection with open eyes. This mental disorder can be due to different environmental distractors. In fact, closing the eyes is recommended to reduce the impact of environmental variables and feel the experience of connection better, either in the process of self-knowledge or healing and attending to the manner of being scanned. It is to be noted that this is overruled in some subjects/samples like children, embryos, mentally retarded persons, animals, plants, microorganisms, cells, etc.

Mr. Taheri is the first one who brought light to this concept and is the first one who discovered this connection and is connected to it and all its relevant information (basis for practical Halghe mysticism); he, then, established the connection for others and they accordingly, granted the connections to some others. Based on a principle in Halghe mysticism, every individual possessing the connection can grant it to others so that they can also benefit from it. However, people cannot automatically establish the connection in the absence of a person in possession of the connection (unless they wish to solely search for that, in which case it is very improbable and difficult; e.g. one in a million).

Mr. Taheri was strongly curious about the sky, stars and the creator since early childhood (around 3 years old). At the age of 23 and through a process called “revelation” in mysticism, he instantly received a great deal of information on theoretical and practical aspects of this branch of mysticism within a second without expecting it or practicing any special progress. This very connection as well as the relevant information and awareness were also included in this perception. Then, the validity of the perceived awareness was proven to Mr. Taheri within a decade and after becoming confident of the awareness, Halghe mysticism enters the society within three decades (Mr. Taheri believes the manner of perceiving the awareness and his distinguishing feature was his excessive enthusiasm for discovering and understanding the universe).

  1. Other methods emphasize on mental abilities of individuals and promoting them through individual effort and practice to feel a different experience; yet, in the connection with the Cosmic Consciousness Network according to Taheri’s approach, an individual’s attempt and capability does not affect the nature of connection and experience of perception and the person should not do anything special like repeating a mantra or focusing on himself, …; i.e. in Halghe mysticism, an individual should do nothing at all.
  2. In other methods, long time needs to be spent and a person should work hard for years while in Halghe mysticism, one can quickly enter the practical phase of establishing and using his connection within one session and be aware of his mental, psychological and physical changes and provide the same service for others.
  3. In other methods, mostly an individual personally benefits from the outcome while in Halghe mysticism individuals can immediately make the same changes through granting the connection to others.
  4. Other methods are purely uni-dimensional; e.g. the ultimate goal is reaching peace; nevertheless, Halghe mysticism pursues multipurpose goals within which accomplishing peace as well as physical, mental and psychological healing are merely a preliminary phase and far more sublime goals are intended to be fulfilled.
  5. In Halghe mysticism, human factors, all personal characteristics, geographical and climatic conditions, personal facilities and capabilities have no role in connection establishment and metaphysical perceptions:
    a. Age, sex, nationality, talent, literacy, information, beliefs, mystical experiences,etc.
    b. Abstinence, exercise, effort, will, struggle, etc.
    c. Imagination, visualization, incantation, mantra, symbol, suggestion and repetition, concentration, etc.
    d. Character types like sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments and kapha, vata, pitta, etc.
    e. Other methods depend on practice while there is not any exercise or effort in Halghe mysticism.
    f. Other methods largely include the person but in Halghe mysticism, everyone can transfer his theoretical and practical trainings and it is a collective movement.
    g. Etc.

If capability means the ability of using consciousness fields of Halghe mysticism, everyone can relatively use and benefit from the defined consciousness fields, as described earlier (analogy is not required).

Connection with the Interuniversal Consciousness Network requires no specific capability. The only requirement is to observe (impartiality like a researcher) without doing anything and announcement of the connection by someone who is granted connection and its establishment by Mr. Taheri through announcements made by him or other masters (everyone can become a master following the completion of the course). This capability does not belong to individuals and is a facility provided by the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (Cosmic Internet) available to everyone considering the mentioned condition.

According to the investigations conducted on changes made to body, mind, cells, microorganism, molecule, etc. in laboratory and under defined controls, every subject can be studied either closely or remotely (close or long distance).

Connection is a concept in which human can connect to the Cosmic Consciousness Network (or Cosmic Internet) which is in fact the consciousness network governing the universe and based on the definition, benefit from the connection for themselves and others in different ways so that the changes can be proven through scientific experiments and controls.

Comprehensive events occurring in a connection do not take place in experiencing the present moment or any other experience. This happens in healing topics of complementary medicine like Faradarmani and Psymentology.

Establishing a connection has no mechanism and can be granted to an applicant by someone receiving it before in a moment. Therefore, it is not acquired and no one can personally earn it; instead, it should be granted by someone previously granting the connection.


By establishing a connection, in fact, an individual connects to the Cosmic Internet during which complicated events including physical, mental and psychological healing, internal evolution toward understanding the philosophy of creation, self-knowledge, etc.

By connecting to the Cosmic Consciousness Network, individuals have different exclusive perception experiences with everyone experiencing it in his own way and there exists no specific definition or description for the experiences.

Basically, no one does anything special and individuals, in any role, are just present and do not need to do anything. The person establishing the connection should not do anything interpreted as intervention. The only thing he does is determining the subject in a second and by brief attention (an infinity of a second called “glance”) through announcing a name, sign, characteristic of an individual (like a photo or any other indication) or person’s face to the Cosmic Consciousness Network (Cosmic Internet); the same announcements for animals, plants, microorganisms, cells, … This procedure has no exact definition is mainly experimental, it is not considered as a task and no significant time is spent on that.

Generally, there is no need to know about the details of a research project but studies are conducted in two ways:

  • – Without knowing the details of an experiment
  • – With experiment details (e.g. for an experiment called “collective mind”)

However, if the group defines and determines the type of experiment and the relevant article, some details (e.g. pseudonym for subjects/samples and controls as well as determining start and termination dates of the experiment) would be needed to design the topic of study more effectively and have the possibility of addressing the topic to the Cosmic Consciousness Network and making specific interventions.

It is a state in which a subject is introduced to the Cosmic Consciousness Network for any purpose within a second. This should be as short as possible (time factor should not be a criterion).

Announcement refers to introducing the person/topic in question to connect to the Cosmic Consciousness Network by Mr. Taheri or other masters of Halghe mysticism. This can be done according to some principle by determining time of connection announcements closely or remotely from now on.

There is no difference between announcements of various masters and the nature of connection is independent from the announcer. Announcements made by people, either individually or collectively, are not different.

Every consciousness field has its exclusive announcement with a specific effect which is different from other announcements and the effect would also be different and the difference is obviously proven in scientific experiments. There are numerous announcements, as many as the number of the consciousness fields in the Interuniversal Consciousness Network but currently, a few have been presented by Mr. Taheri (the exact number cannot be given due to some reasons).

You can contact the scientific team of our website through Contact page (https://cosmointel.com/contact/)  or at support@cosmointel.com.

Arrangements are made via the website (www.cosmointel.com) and the research section admin. You can find Researchers section in our website menu.

No. Unfortunately we can merely afford the expenses of our research team.

Basics and principles of study designs are explained in the “Guide for Research Design” section of the website (www.cosmointel.com).

You can easily refer to the “Assign Announcement” under the researchers section of our website and fill out the form.

Yes, there are about 40 full-text articles on our topics and they are available on the “Publications” section of the website.

Not the full-text articles. However, the articles have been reviewed in some reliable congresses including Arizona 2016 and 2020. You can find further information on the “Publications” section of the website.

Taheri’s interventions of consciousness fields are exclusive and have no similar example in function and manner of connection establishment. The distinguishing features of our interventions include no effect of personal capabilities on interventions, similarity and repeatability of an intervention in any topic in question, emphasis on the different nature of matter and energy (third dimension of the universe: consciousness) and its dominance over time and place. These interventions made on cells, molecules, microorganisms, human, animals and plants are exclusive and we know no similar examples.

Consciousness field (or Awareness field) is, in fact, a virtual field encompassing the universe and all its components and is responsible for leading and managing everything from a whole (the universe) to a component (fundamental vibration).

M.H. Taheri’s Theory of Awareness (or Consciousness)

– Consciousness is neither matter, nor energy but matter-energy development, physical rules and events are known to be originated from consciousness.

  • – Consciousness is universe-inclusive and the material world is the result of it (material worlds include homogenous and heterogeneous parallel worlds, successive worlds, adjacent worlds, etc. which cannot be accessed through physical ways).
  • – Consciousness cannot be described by common science; however, in modern science (common science + awareness) and the new terminology that is developing, it will be more tangible and describable. Currently, the effect can only be tested and proven in a laboratory under the title of the effect of consciousness (awareness) fields on human, animals, plants, cells, molecules, microorganisms, … (this field of research can be a new discipline in the world of science and efforts have started to be made for introducing it).
  • – Consciousness is an independent quality compared to the material world (yet, “awareness” is not independent from its essence and it originates from another source which is out of question and is taken for granted).
  • – Consciousness leads the universe which is a virtual phenomenon and what we see is virtual.
  • – Consciousness leads cosmic and terrestrial ecosystem, evolution, …
  • – Consciousness is a qualitative phenomenon playing its role at different levels (at least five levels) in areas of constant and variable, positive and negative, cosmic-humanistic, …
  • – Consciousness leads life and all its manifestations in the universe.
  • – Consciousness turns into matter and energy and it is possible the other way round. Considering the given explanations, there exist three elements in the universe at any moment: consciousness (or awareness).

The network of consciousness governing the universe is decided to be called “Cosmic Consciousness Network” (Questions 25).

Consciousness refers to a series of information on development, survival, permanence, leading and management of the universe and its components intelligently governing and controlling it. In this perspective, there is no place for accident or possibility in the universe and its components and concepts like probability and random in common science are, in fact, “consciousness application coefficients” which should be considered for the universe to proceed purposefully (Taheri’s Certainty Principle) and witness mutations bringing about changes in the universe (in cosmic and terrestrial ecosystems, etc.). Consciousness is the chief structural dimension of the universe preceding the other two structural dimensions, i.e. matter and energy, with a different nature (the universe is originally unstructured merely built upon consciousness and awareness). Consciousness, matter and energy can be converted into one another. The difference between the consciousness proposed by Mr. Taheri and the others lies in its nature, scope of performance and application.

Yes. The founder of Interuniversal Mysticism has proposed and founded a new science called “Sciencefact”. This discipline examines and studies phenomena that are neither matter, nor energy but can be proven by different scientific experiments. Common science is unable to examine such cases that are neither matter, nor energy. Therefore, this new discipline eliminates this shortcoming, provides the possibility of studying these topics and offers the results to the common science. This discipline can make great changes.

Moreover, in case this new discipline can prove itself, it will bring about closeness and unity in human intellect (common science, philosophy, mysticism and general principles of religion) due to some reasons.

This new discipline investigates phenomena of the universe with two major approaches:

  1. Presenting a section called non-material part of the universe (concepts like consciousness, awareness, life, etc. that are neither matter, nor energy) and conducting studies in the field.
  2. Proving the non-material part of the universe (that is neither matter, nor energy) that cannot be defined but is assumed and can be proven by scientific criteria (like effect of consciousness fields on human, animals, plants, microorganisms, cells and molecules).

The world of science has its own mission of studying what is included in the scope of matter and energy. Obviously, it cannot comment on anything out of this scope and the world of frequency (in other words, it refuses to accept anything existing out of its realm of authority and this, under the title of comments of scholars, has caused tragedies in different eras throughout the history while it should only announce disqualification and assert that it does not comply with the current science but should not totally reject it). Nevertheless, currently, there is no tool and terminology to discuss these concepts. However, this field can be proven by scientific experiments; thus, it is real and any real entity is a kind of science regardless of knowing or not knowing the reason. 

Theoretical concepts and approaches raised by Mr. Taheri are effective in elucidating previous scientific findings and opening new ways into making new discoveries. In the very approach, there are several basics for explaining phenomena of the universe that is still inaccessible for the world of science. Making use of theoretical approaches and principles suggested by Mr. Taheri and applying the presented consciousness fields to interact with the world of matter-energy can lead to great, valuable discoveries in the world of science.

A. We do not define the type of intervention in the world of matter; it is defined by the Interuniversal Consciousness Network. This is similar to what happens in Faradarmani or Psymentology; we did not define the framework, the framework existed and is discovered and presented by the founder. It is obvious that the founder had to introduce the concepts using his invented definitions and terminology to present these disciplines (i.e. to develop his own exclusive definitions and terminology to explains the discoveries). We know that variable consciousness fields are a subcategory of the Interuniversal Consciousness Network that affects the material world following coordination with their subcategories like terrestrial and cosmic ecosystems.

B. Since the Interuniversal Consciousness Network is divided into positive and negative parts, we are not allowed to use the negative part and solely use the one that contributes to human perfection and prosperity and generally avoid what leads to power in the hand of human.

Answer: There is no restriction for making interventions in the world of matter-energy. Yet, in order to witness meaningful measureable impacts using currently known measurement tools, it is recommended to be in touch with the Research Design department in the Studies Observation Center. It should be taken into account that as interventions are made intelligently to serve and promote mankind, personal preferences and opinions are not effective.

Faradarmani is a kind of complementary medicine with an entirely mystical nature which is known to be a branch of Interuniversal Mysticism. Faradarmani dates back to 40 years ago and is based on intuitive perceptions of its founder, Mohammad Ali Taheri. In this medical branch, a Fara-Fara-therapist connects the patient to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (consciousness network governing the universe; divine consciousness) to be scanned. In this process, the patient may report some information (like seeing colors, lights, feeling movement and activity of some sort of energy in the body as well as warming up, feeling pain, tingling, beats, seizure, etc.) on his connection, tensional organs are specified during the scan and healing starts by elimination of symptoms.

Aim of scanning: Patient’s existence is thoroughly investigated and history of disease and present status of the patient is revealed; following the detection of disease files, externalization begins. These files may refer to physical, psychological, mental or other aspects of the patient’s existence. One should be patient until the externalization terminates and disease(s) is healed.

Important Note: Externalization refers to the disclosure of the history of diseases and their outflow. History of diseases may go back to embryonic stage or childhood and include one’s revealed and hidden diseases as well as latent fears, complexes, psychological tensions, mental disorders, etc.

During externalization, all physical, mental and psychological aspects are comprehensively scanned. During scanning, patients may sometimes experience signs showing proneness to develop diseases the incidence of which would be possible in the future. For example, shaking hands can indicate the proneness of a person to develop Parkinson’s disease or pain around the heart or abnormal heartbeat with no previous history refers to problems in the area of heart revealed during scanning and is then eliminated.

This treatment approach addresses all existence components of humans and all aspects as a whole are simultaneously connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network and upon the discretion of Consciousness, the network takes essential steps to eliminate disorders in different components and the patient undergoes the healing process. This branch is called Faradarmani because it is originated from a perspective called “Meta-holistic Insight” addressing all aspects of an individual’s existence for healing.

This treatment school can be effective in all diseases and the Fara-therapist is not allowed to consider any disease as incurable because healing is done by the Interuniversal Consciousness Network and not the Fara-therapist; hence, any modification and elimination of disorder in the body is easy for the Interuniversal Consciousness.

The Interuniversal Consciousness Network is the collection of intelligence, wisdom or consciousness governing the universe and is also referred to as awareness and is one of the three elements of the universe: matter, energy and consciousness.

Since consciousness is neither matter, nor energy, dimensions of time and place dimensions do not dominate it and close and remote healing is possible, thanks to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network.

Consciousness is not quantitative and cannot be measured. As mentioned before, following receiving an incentive, its effect spot is revealed. Therefore, the Fara-therapist cannot attribute this capability and potential to himself.

  • – Important Note: Unlike many methods (polarity therapy), in Faradarmani as a subcategory of Interuniversal mysticism, the Fara-therapist does not have a role in the healing process and it takes place through connecting to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network and the Fara-therapist only plays the role of a connector to contribute to the formation of a cycle called “Circle of Unity or Consciousness Bond” which is very smart and through which the divine grace of general mercy flows and healing takes place.
  • – The basic condition for getting favorable results from Faradarmani is the impartial presence of an individual as an observer in this cycle. Believing in the cycle and its functionality or Faradarmani is not required and everyone regardless of his belief can use it.
  • – This shows that treatment does not depend on Fara-therapist’s energy and skill. It also does not require any special talent, power or energy on the side of the Fara-therapist and a far superior consciousness leads and guides it and personal capabilities have no effect on healing. Consequently, the Fara-therapist does not experience any complications like fatigue and physical weakness and do not need to compensate the energy from nature, … Moreover, the protective layer protects the Fara-therapist against defective consciousness aura of cells and other negative aura of the patient and non-organic creatures contamination

“Psymentology” or “Meta-holistic Mind-psychology” studies mind and psyche. This discipline studies human from a different angle and within the extra-holistic approach. In Psymentology, mind and psyche are known as separate entities used as unique concepts including specific aspects of human existence. It also has a software view toward humans and all aspects of their existence and for this reason, Psymentology considers a software approach to solve psychological and mental disorders.

Psymentology or meta-holistic mind-psychology is a “software” framework with no “hardware” intervention in treating human mind-psyche. Although treatment techniques like psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, etc. are included in software treatments, Psymentology does not use these common techniques. In fact, Psymentology is not technique-oriented and this is the obvious difference between this discipline and other common treatments in psychology and psychiatry.

Psymentology defines two approaches toward humans:

A. Holistic approach: The relatedness of mind, emotions and body as well as believing that no exact definition of health can be given without considering the relationship between mind, emotions and body.

B. Meta-holistic approach: The relatedness of mind, emotions, body and cosmic and terrestrial ecosystems as well as the whole universe and believing that no exact definition of human can be given, otherwise. In the meta-holistic approach, every component is studied in association with the others. Physical, emotional, mental and other frameworks and existential components of humans are interrelated and disturbing one can damage the rest.

Aim & Application of Psymentology

The main aim of Psymentology is getting to know human beings and their existential software as well as detecting (using its exclusive software approach) and healing mental-emotional disorders and unknown problems. The aims can be categorized into the following:

  • – Self-knowledge in order to find the position of human in the universe and learning about the software programs
  • – Promoting good thinking, good behavior and being good
  • – Making human beings reach their best quality:
    • – Detecting mental-emotional disorders and eliminating them through software without hardware interventions.
    • – Offering new definitions of mental-psychological diseases, detecting them and separating their normality or abnormality for knowing human beings (and not hardware interventions).

Important Note: With the current picture of humans, diagnosing diseases and detecting their deficient parts are impossible unless an intelligent system can detect and modify deficient components of existence following a precise scan which will be discussed further later. The Interuniversal Consciousness Network is responsible for the scan to modify human existential software and maintain mental-psychological health for human beings.

Armenia University of Traditional Medicine, Azerbaijan Eco-energy Academy,   World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Russian Federation, Romania Ministry of Education & Research, Korea International Creative Invention Contest; further details are provided in the “Founder Introduction” section.

One of the specific characteristics of Cosmic Internet is the possibility of using its member variable consciousness fields, connecting to which would be possible for an observer through atemporal and aspatial channels; this procedure is practically called “connection”. Considering particular circumstances, the Interuniversal Internet provides the user with this possibility (like what is used in Faradarmani and Psymentology complementary medicines).This virtual tunnel can have exclusive characteristics and make significant changes to living creatures and molecules via variable consciousness fields. However, nothing would happen without accessing the time-space tunnel. Therefore, a variable consciousness field is developed provided that “connection” is established.

Note: The manner of establishing connection is in the realm of intuitive science and an individual specially trained for that, through specific courses, can establish the connection.

Consciousness of Ecosystem encompasses the control and interaction of all constituent of the cosmos as well as their control and balance. In cosmos, nothing can exist without interaction with other constituents. Any changes in cosmos is carries by consciousness of ecosystem. Therefore, birth, death and changing from one state to another in all components of the cosmos is determined and applied by the consciousness of ecosystem. For example, the Big Bang, emergence of the solar system, development of different planets including the earth and emergence of life on it are all guided, managed and executed by the consciousness of ecosystem.

Each component of the universe is in interaction with other components, and there is no independent constituent in cosmos. Thus, survival of each part and components depends on the interaction and coordination between other parts and constituents. For instance, every particle exists due to a global and cosmic gravity. An object moving around and axis of rotation under the effect of the two centripetal and centrifugal forces, in addition to the relationship between the components of the great ecosystem of the universe, causes continuity of the existence. The combination of these relationships maintains exchange and connection in the cosmos based on specific regulations.

  • –  Consciousness of Ecosystem encompasses the control and interaction among all particles of the cosmos as well as their control and balance. In the universe, no particle can exist without being related to the others. Any change in the universe is made by the consciousness of ecosystem. Therefore, birth, death and changing from one state to another in all components of the universe is determined and applied by the ecosystem consciousness. For example, the big bang, emergence of the solar system, development of different planets including the earth and emergence of life on it are all guided, managed and executed by the ecosystem consciousness.
  • –  Every component of the universe needs to have exchange with others and there exists no independent component in the universe; survival of every part and particle depends on the relationship and coordination between other parts and particles. For instance, every particle exists due to a global and cosmic gravity. An object moving around and axis of rotation under the effect of the two centripetal and centrifugal forces and the relationship between the components of the great ecosystem of the universe causes continuity of the existence. The combination of these relationships maintains livelihood in the universe based on specific regulations.
  • –  Ecosystem has a definite objective and know knows where it started, where it is going, what goal it is pursuing and what exchanges, changes and designs should be made in the universe to fulfill its goal. Hence, the ecosystem is defined to have personality, identity and behavior because it is a directional move and the direction provides identity; thus, its behavior is also along fulfilling the very goal. In this viewpoint, the ecosystem has a personality because it has an exclusive role and is well-aware of the role it should play.
  • –  This schematic figure shows that life needs manifestation, manifestation requires movement, movement develops behavior, behavior needs a direction, direction brings identity and finally, identity leads to the emergence of personality. On the other hand, movement is followed by energy exchange and entropy is the outcome of energy exchange and then, there is change, birth and death.

  • – From Psymentology point of view, manner of demonstration, presence and behavior in the ecosystem is called character. In other words, character is a software program according to which every component of the universe presents on the ecosystem scene and plays an exclusive role. This role is the character of the very component.
  • – Practical manner of manifestation, presence and active participation in the ecosystem for every member is referred to as the behavior of that member. So, character includes all factors and behavioral programs showing all characteristics of a member in the ecosystem.
  • – Answer: character of every member of the ecosystem is reserved and respected based on the regulations of the ecosystem. As confirmed in experimental studies, the cancerous nature of cancer line is reinforced as a result of being connected to a consciousness field.

Definition of brain in Faradarmani (The relationship between brain and bodies) Brain is a series of antenna responsible for transmitting the information of different internal and external senses to/from different bodies of the human being such as mental body (perceptions), psychological body (emotions) and translating it to the language of physical body.  In the world of science, a human is considered as a supercomputer governing the body and guiding intellectual and vital paths of human being. In order to examine the brain and determine its various extensive activities accurately, we overview control of vital and management activities of the brain:

However, if we assume the brain as a supercomputer, a few questions would be raised. For example, an operator should write programs for a computer and then use it. Without an operator, no system can both program and use the programs itself. Therefore:

If the brain is a supercomputer, where is the operator?

Is the operator a part of the brain or it’s an independent entity?

This can be seen from a different angle: we know that a brain consists of neurons (figure below) and a neuron carries electrical impulses and functions like an electrical contactor. In fact, a series of neutrons form a power control circuit using which all automated systems of the body are controlled (automation).

In a power control circuit, electricity connection/disconnection happens by opening and closing of the contacts. Pulses received from different receptors every second opens/closes contactors by stimulating contactor coils and subsequently, all physical and mechanical activities are performed automatically. Likewise, electrical flow enters from one direction and passes through a neuron, which is responsible for distributing electrical impulses and this control circuit translates messages into the language of body physics (electro-chemical) following which body physics is informed of the messages and reacts to them.

Considering the explanation above and the fact that no individualized brain is detected for a neuron, the following basic questions are raised: where is the operator of a neuron?

Does a neuron have a separate brain? And if yes, where is the brain’s operator of a neuron located?

Other example questions on neurons are as follows:

Is it a neuron deciding whether a human moves toward unity or plurality?

Is it a neuron determining one’s way of life?

Is it a neuron deciding for a human to fall in love and infatuate, be amazed and astonished or to devote and sacrifice?

 When a doctor says “a patient is more likely to survive if he is in good spirits”, what does he mean?

How can a neuron recognize high spirit or create it?

Can a neuron cause one to be in high spirit?

Certainly, a neuron does not know about spirit and cannot and will not be the answer to the questions above. A part of neurons manage the automated system (automation) of the body and receives non-automated actions and messages from somewhere other than the brain.

In fact, brain is a detector and receives orders from psychological and mental body and translates them into the language of physical body. Psychological and mental frameworks are not a part of the brain but are in a telecommunication state to the brain.

Brain has cortical and sub-cortical areas. The sub-cortical area controls the automated system of the body (like heartbeat and breathing) and mind is responsible for operating all cells.

From the view of Faradarmani and Psymentology, the cortical region of the brain is a series of antenna receiving and translating messages of psyche and mind. If these antennas are damages, the messages would not be translated. In this case, the sub-cortical region functions and vital signs continue but mental communication with the surroundings is disconnected and the person is in a vegetative state, i.e. he is deprived of a cognitive life leading to sensation and perception. This state (mind and brain disconnection) is “brain death” and the patient can go back to the normal state if the antenna system (brain) can be modified and re-connect to the mind.

From Faradarmani and Psymentology viewpoint, brain function is divided into the following general sections:

  • – Controlling automated activities of the body (automation)
  • – Controlling non-automated activities
  • – Brain memory
  • – Detecting intellectual and enthusiastic activities
  • – Receiving external information using sensors of different senses
  • – Transmitting the information of sensors of senses to the existential bodies and receiving information from them
  • – Translating the information received from different bodies into the language of physical body through electrical impulses as well as chemical productions and secretions

Those participating in classes can work on themselves and others become specifically familiar with consciousness topics and benefit from numerous theoretical and practical subjects. Yet, persons who do not participate in classes can only use the healing section as the one receiving Faradarmani. However, announcements are different for either group of individuals and both can make use of the relevant consciousness field. Nevertheless, presence in classes helps people learn about theoretical and practical connections and experiences that are specifically restricted to classes and trainings.

These experiences have had positive results on animals, plants, cells, microorganisms, molecules which prove the existence of consciousness.

Tests conducted on concrete as a molecule led to significant statistical findings submitted as articles.

Documented statistics of the effect of Faradarmani on the course participants obtained at the end of Term 1 (course of Faradarmani) indicated an average of 70% of positive feedback. However, every disease and the associated patient population should be precisely and scientifically studied to determine specific statistics. Currently, most experiences are reported as case studies (except those submitted to Medical Knowledge and Holistic Medicine journals).

Yes, a few centralized studies have been conducted on the population growth and antibiotic resistance and they will be published in the website following their publication in well-known journals shortly.

Like humans, considering ecosystem rules and a statistical approach, meaningful changes in single case samples were observed. Statistical population study is being carried out.

Its application in promoting lifeless materials and structures, increasing resistance, etc. is being studied to determine the possible industrial applications from the experiences obtained.

Besides books, journals and congress abstracts, there is a patent registration priority on cement the details of which can be found on the website.

  • – Developing physical fields requires special instruments and equipment while consciousness fields require none.
  • – Proving Hooshmandi (infinite consciousness), consciousness and awareness remotely that can precisely find its direction and goal without human intervention while material and energetic elements do not have these potentials.
  • – Human inclusiveness and ease of being equipped with it regardless of race, nationality, religion, belief or faith.
  • – Offering software insight with no hardware intervention.
  • – No side effects.
  • – No need for specific capabilities, talent, specialty and personal discretion, practice, rehearsal, skill, …
  • – No need for any method, technique, …
  • – Being free of charge and requiring no costs for establishing a connection and consciousness fields.
  • – Being immune against human error.
  • – No time/place restrictions, accessibility, …
  • – No subject restriction (humans, animals, plants, cells, microorganisms, cells)
  • – No subject topic restriction (type of disease, experiment, …)
  • – Time restriction of making conclusions for experiment.
  • – Missing link of the world of science including non-matter and non-energy sections of the cosmos.
  • – Multi-dimensional nature of this school studying epistemic dimensions besides aspects examined in laboratory.
  • – Offering more exact definitions of human, purposefulness, sublimity and human perfection, etc .
  • – Promoting well-thinking, well-doing and well-being.
  • – Possibility of working on subjects from close and long distance
  • – Etc.

Faradarmani, as a complementary medicine, examines body physics as well as somatic, psychological and psychosomatic diseases without any hardware intervention and Psymentology is a complementary medicine which studies psyche and mind holistically and treats mental and psychological disorders (esp. Mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, …) without any hardware intervention.

“Psymentology” or “Meta-holistic mind-psychology” studies mind and psyche. This field studies human from a different perspective and with a meta-holistic view. In Psymentology, mind and psyche are considered as separate entities used as different independent concepts including specific parts of human existence. It also follows a software approach toward humans and all their existential dimensions and therefore, it uses the same approach in dealing with mental and psychological disorders.

Connection in consciousness fields and interventions made are based on the consciousness bond of the components in which a connection is established between every component of the ecosystem and the chief section of the Interuniversal Consciousness Network containing data and information.

Consciousness Bond Theory

Based on this theory, once a connection is established between consciousness of the components of human existence and consciousness of the whole, consciousness of body and cell management, which is a part of mind, can correct and repair deficiencies of body and cell and modify the software function of psyche and other parts of the mind in which case, healing and recovery will be accomplished. Consciousness of components consists of infinite existential parts of human and consciousness of the whole is the consciousness governing the universe. Following the bonding between component and whole, circle of consciousness bond is formed and the consciousness distribution management of the mind is equipped and connects to all components to scan and modify them (Figure).

This definition shows one of the theoretical explanations of consciousness fields function and one of the mechanisms of action of the effect of consciousness fields on hardware (however, prior to this, software effect takes place and it successively reveals on the hardware).

It is to be noted that working on subjects without some of the components demonstrated in the schematic figure above, the result will be the same and impact of consciousness fields are manifested on the remaining components (e.g. working on molecules lacking many of the mentioned biological components).

In the approached suggested by Mr. Taheri, the science he founded is in the realm of intuitive science. Intuitive science is based on perceptions as well as personal and inspirational insights.

In order to observe the effects of consciousness fields and studying predictions and theoretical principles of Mr. Taheri’s approach, experience is a valuable, major component, particularly because presently, consciousness fields can only be proven through experience and scientific tests (laboratory experiments).

Findings of experiments and examinations designed according to the established scientific principles framework are repeatable and can be observed in a meaningful range of changes.

Numerous attempts have been made throughout the history to understand the “why-ness” and “how-ness” of the universe and have formed a step of the ladder of human knowledge even if it had been false and mankind would have not been able to reach the next step without. Every idea is the ultimate accessibility of mankind causing other intellectual challenges managing to open other access channels and finally, proper achievements are determined in the meantime. Therefore, every theory might prove false and certainly, not all idea are right because accepting some means rejecting some others. However, what values here is the nature of research and seeking truth (It is better to struggle vainly than to lie still -Rumi).

Following four decades of observation in addition to individual and collective experiencing, the impact of the so-called consciousness fields on humans, animals, plants, cells, microorganisms and molecules have been empirically proven by a large number of individuals two decades prior to examining them in form of scientific projects, i.e. performing experiments according to the acceptable criteria of conventional sciences, which led to publishing journals and articles and training more people in this field. Nevertheless, unfortunately, these attempts were paused for one decade due to implementing security approaches as well as ideological and legal prosecution of the founder following huge public welcome but they are resumed. In recent years, experiments have been carried out in laboratory and the findings are positive. Hence, in the capacity of a researcher, we are responsible for offering the findings to the scientific community and report our observations. Even if the final result is wrong, it can make huge changes in human scientific reservations with a 1:1000 probability of correctness (though we have no doubt in their correctness). Consequently, the work cannot be ignored.

The name “Sciencefact” is chosen for this research discipline because its domain of study is subject to the following principles:

  • – Whatever is real is science, whether we accept it or not.
  • – In the universe, there exist other factors which are neither matter, nor energy but can be recorded as reality and proven scientifically. Sciencefact examines these realities to prove their existence. The present concept under study is consciousness fields.
  • – Making such interventions (impacts) is impossible for the world of conventional science.
  • – The world of conventional science cannot do anything without hardware interventions while interventions of Sciencefact are generally software-based and in case of being accepted and proved, they start a software view revolution showing that behind every component of the universe, there is a software which can be intervened.
  • – Considering the software nature of the intervention, it is not destructive and has no side effects.
  • – No cost is required to be spent on making the intervention.
  • – It is available to everyone without any time or place restrictions and requires no specific expertise.

It varies based on the type of parameter under study. In present studies, a sample intervention on concrete can be found on the catalogue.

  • – If by positive/negative impact, you mean constructive and destructive impacts, it can be said that since these impacts are associated with consciousness (positive), they cannot be used for destructive purposes.
  • – If it means obtaining results contrary to our expectations and wishes, then, yes; it is possible. However, since every consciousness field has a different effect on the subjects under study, the consciousness field in question should be chosen in a way that it maintains our concern and an appropriate statistical direction regarding an increase/decrease in the very factor can be reached.

Consciousness is an inseparable part of the universe and is discovered and studied intuitively according to the theories and definitions provided so far. Consciousness is divided into the two general forms of constant and variable. Cosmos and all its components are developed from constant consciousness and according to specific principles; they can be influenced by variable consciousness to some extent. This variable Consciousness Field is a subcategory of the Cosmic Internet. The requirement of creating a consciousness field is being connected to the Cosmic Internet. This connection is non-physical and can be granted to an individual by someone who has been granted this but the first person or the discoverer was connected through a spiritual way but this phenomenon is only definable by spiritual criteria and does not have any other explanation. This consciousness cannot be discussed by acceptable criteria of the world of science for some reasons but experience has shown that the one discovered it can connect himself and others to the consciousness and others can also establish the connection for others likewise.

Several studies conducted so far and those being studied have each approved a part of the theoretical content of Mr. Taheri’s approach. Prior to this, the experience of personal connections and reports of disease elimination and observation of variable effects of consciousness fields in a large population consisting of people from different countries are the reliable proof.

Discovering this dates back to 40 years ago, the first decade was spent on studying this approach, the second decade was allocated to examining the topic in gatherings, private and home classes and in the third decade, courses were held publically and officially, general testing has been done and all led to obtaining certain empirical outcomes. Publishing relevant books, journals and articles as well as the primary results started approximately 15 years ago (www.cosmointel.com). However, it has been about one year that studies concentrating on scientific evidences of Mr. Taheri’s approach are being carried out according to approved scientific standards after nearly 10 years of his imprisonment.

Since 15 years ago and following the immigration of some masters of the Interuniversal Mysticism to other countries (due to security pressures and restrictions for collective activities in Iran, etc.), this school is also presented in other countries to a limited extent and is empirically studied. However, the major part of the audience is still Iranians because translating mystical materials into other languages has special problems and in some cases, it is almost impossible.

After conducting primary studies about 10-15 years ago, the founder of this school faced several restrictions and confinements due to which conducting and proceeding with scientific and executive affairs was not possible. Since early 2019, the process of presentation and execution of scientific affairs have accelerated.

Mr. Taheri is the resident of Canada, and he can be directly contacted through his personal email and the scientific website (admin@cosmointel.com) under his supervision.

“Human from a Different Outlook” as well as “Medical Science” and “Holistic Medicine” journals.

  • – Conducting scientific experiments was impossible due to the existing restrictions.
  • – Sciencefact articles are not accepted because the topics are out of the framework of matter and energy, they are novel and as a result, the articles do not conform to the standard criteria of article writing, although the experiments are conducted by observing scientific rules. For example, the definition of consciousness that is neither matter, nor energy makes the article beyond go out of the framework of conventional science from the beginning.

You can register in a class of one of the thousands of Interuniversal Mysticism masters in different countries around the world, esp. Iran.

As courses of Interuniversal Mysticism are both theoretical and practical, attending physical classes is definitely preferred to ensure practical topics are transferred more effectively.

There is no exact number due to security conditions in Iran.

We currently do not have any branch in any country, but the first official branch will be inaugurated in Canada. Nevertheless, Interuniversal Mysticism masters are holding classes in most countries.

There is no exact number due to security conditions in Iran.

No. One should be connected by someone who has previously been granted the connection.

“Circle” refers to the shared bond among at least three members of the Cosmic Internet (Interuniversal Consciousness Network), connecting person (or persons) and the subject(s) (humans, animals, plants, cells, microorganisms, molecules, etc.) under study.

Presently, all types cannot be specified due to some reasons but all dimensions will be specified in future.

From spiritual approach, the concepts are all associated with Iranian culture and mystical literature but this does not prevent it from being human-inclusive.

Interuniversal Mysticism does not have any ceremonies and rituals, verse, mantra, etc.

–  The approach of the present school is based on intuitive science which originates from the world of mysticism and is called “Interuniversal mysticism”. According to the definitions of this school, mysticism is responsible for qualitative examination of religions and religious branches study the religions quantitatively. Therefore, this school is rooted in mysticism. However, scientific applications and experiments are not directly associated with religious ideas and all humans, regardless of their beliefs, can carry out scientific experiments and publish the findings in form of research articles based on meaningful statistics. On the other hand, in order to accomplish mystic experiences, all people can experience it and make use of it in case of usefulness and practicality.

–  This school and its founder as a propagator of freedom of thought (as its side activity) do not have a conflict with the superstructure of people’s beliefs and everyone can experience, test and use the connections. The basis of Mr. Taheri’s approach is not originated from or dependent upon religion.

–  The application of Mr. Taheri’s approach is getting to know the universe and human better and basically does not aim to prove or reject religions and generally, this approach is based on guarding the freedom of thought and not disputing with other schools. This is because everyone can practically have intellectual reservations and offer their practical applications. Obviously, schools with potentials to offer do not dispute and argue about beliefs of others. Hence, the present school believes that by facing thoughts and allowing the audience to make their own best choices, grounds will be paved for all humans to accomplish peace. Humans involved with prejudice and ignorance associated with their beliefs have practically paid high prices without managing to save mankind from ethical degeneration, etc. and have caused a lot of bloodshed throughout the history.

–  Mr. Taheri’s approach aims at getting to know the universe, as well as human role and function in it more efficiently. Accordingly, examining the effects of consciousness fields presented by him on the world of matter and energy are studied to learn about this approach more and make the optimal use of it for a better, more transcendent life.

Scientific studies are conducted to prove the theories raised in this school, passed their general empirical phases throughout few decades and proved to be effective and useful in many cases. Therefore, efforts are made to theoretically prove these theories based on scientific criteria to be able to take significant steps toward learning about human and then universe.

The world of science in question is exclusively originated from mystical and philosophical views of Interuniversal Mysticism. This school has raised scientific, mystical, philosophical and spiritual discussions which are still going on.

According to a theoretical concept in Psymentology, all creatures, except humans, have one personality and their behaviors are defined in a specific pre-determined framework. However, human is a creature with infinite characters as well as different, unpredictable behaviors consisting of all characters of other creatures.

With reference to a theoretical concept in Psymentology, the ecosystem is responsible for executing the manner of implementing life in the universe and its general purpose is designing and executing an infinite number of characters to be able to make special use of this process. Here, Psymentology poses a question regarding the purpose of this personality-manufacturing factory and its ultimate goal.

Psymentology intends to achieve a valuable result in determining the position of the human being by answering this question because as long as the status is not determined, the aim of human life and finding a meaning for that would not be possible. Without accomplishing this result, humans will remain wondering and confused, and have to go through the path of life using trial and error and probabilities as he has experienced so far. Finding the position of human being in the universe would be the key to this mystery and would lead to solve a series of human conflicts and in many cases can guide him through the path of life, because one of the problems of the human beings is not knowing their “position” and why they are told “Know yourself”.

Thus, the ultimate goal of the ecosystem was designing and executing an infinite number of characters existing in the universe to finally execute all those in the human existential design.

The ecosystem in its present cycle (since the Big Bang), has tried for billions of years to design and create an infinite number of different characters in the universe and on the earth. In this cycle, the ecosystem has exerted characters and behaviors manifested in all creatures including particles, animals and plants and the ultimate outcome of all these characters is transmitted to the human being and is implemented in human existential software arrangement and has spent a very long time executing the design. For example, before the existence of humans, termites had built apartments and several-story towers with a specific purpose allocated to every story. Nobility of a horse, dignity of a crocodile, loyalty of a dog and predatory and brutality of a wolf, an ant’s desire for saving, and desire for a parasitic life in a leech, … are all personality traits designed and executed by the consciousness of  the cosmic and terrestrial ecosystem prior to the human being. The eventual outcome of all these behaviors and desires are transmitted into the human being and placed in the existential software.

In other words, every possible character and personality trait is designed and placed in human existence by the ecosystem. Humans can activate/inactivate any of these characters/personality traits by their own will. In summary, the ecosystem has pursued an enormous and intelligent task and has played a creative role. Human beings have inherited billions of years of ecosystem attempts which include designing an infinite number of software and can activate any of them or decide to keep them inactive.

Human being is the only creature understanding concepts and values and can think, express and record his thought(s).

Love, passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, astonishment, amazement, etc. are among optional reactions of human being.

Human being is the only creature that is willing to know where he has come from, why he has come and where he is heading to.

Mysticism and spirituality follows the qualitative recognition of the universe. Therefore, returning to the basis of everything and the underlying factor (truth) after examining the superstructure (reality) is among the major duties of mysticism; e.g. accomplishing the why-ness of the universe and why it is created. Considering the fact that by examining the superficial reality, the consciousness can be found, it cannot be accepted that the consciousness governing the universe has created itself. Consequently, based on a clear logic, the existence of another source is acknowledged. However, in order to prevent a vicious circle (continuum impact), humans accept the very source is substantive and calls it God.

Believing in a substantive source discussed above is an inseparable part of this school but conducting scientific experiments and obtaining results does not have anything to do with personal beliefs and everyone, with/without any belief, can test the results in question and study the positive outcomes.

A consciousness field has its exclusive definition and principles and humans cannot design it according to his desire; however, knowing about the how-ness of a consciousness filed can help one make use of it toward his positive benefits and interests. Humans are allowed to make changes (possible to be studied and determined considering the tolerance rate of every case) to consciousness fields. This permission is given assuming that we understand consciousness, do not intend to abuse and are trying to improve circumstances for humankind because the approach of the ecosystem is trusting human beings. Accordingly, professional ethics is of high significance in this discipline so that no one thinks of abusive measures contaminating the consciousness with dirty intentions (that’s the reason why our course participants sign an affidavit to preserve respect and sanctity of this “consciousness”).