Guide For Sciencefact Research

  1. Double-blind observation: The project’s expert and practical team will be selected from the unfamiliar with the intervention method. Also, the intervention of the project will be performed by a person familiar with the method in an environment outside the test environment and unfamiliar with the study context.
  2. Contract between the interventionist (from the present center) and the researcher: For example, for control and study samples, acronyms are selected and contracted between the interventionist and the researcher.
  3. Location condition: Considering the physical distance between study and control samples is effective in the results. Depending on the type and case of study, this distance is chosen. Get in touch with the leadership team about this (email:
  4. Time requirement: The sample and control groups will be examined at the same time and in parallel.
  5. Analysis of Results: The analysis of the initial results will be performed by an expert unfamiliar with the intervention details and its mechanism.