Sciencefact Introduction

Relationship  between  Science & Sciencefact;  Science  studies   matter  and energy.  This  view  is  generally  quantitative  and   refers  originality to  the  hardware  section  of   the cosmos and its components. 

Introduction to Consciousness

The subject of “Consciousness”, is one of the most mysterious and amazing subjects before human. From this point  of view, “Consciousness” is  neither  matter  nor  energy. Hence, Consciousness cannot be explained and recognized through physical concepts, equations, etc. Although Consciousness is a non-physical factor, it’s the basis of the formation and creation of the “World of Frequency” or “Energy-Matter”.

Different Theories of Consciousness

As of today, general theories in the field of Consciousness in all around the world are as follows:

Faradarmani Introduction

Faradarmani”, is an introduced Iranian complementary and alternative medicine founded by   Mohammad  Ali   Taheri.  This  system   is   based   on    the    theoretical   concept   of “Consciousness Bond”.