Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Firouz Payervand, Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Farid Semsarha
Publication date 02 DEC 2021
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Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


The goal of the present study is to investigate the mechanism of effects of Consciousness Fields (CFs) on the properties and behavior of materials using the previous experimental results in this field. By reviewing the existing evidence from the recent laboratory test results, a novel theory on the CFs arises: The emergence of different properties and behavior of materials in the presence of the CFs suggests that matter, in addition to the physical body (its constituent matter and energy), necessarily needs a “mental body”. According to this theory, the mental body of matter includes information on each component of the system, the process of formation and all its equilibrium and unbalanced states, and mental states that was formed during the process of formation of matter and its equilibrium state. The function of the mental body of matter is to maintain the information, to interact with the CFs, to accept new mental states, and to exhibit a behavior appropriate to the new mental state. According to this theory, which is completely based on reproducible experimental laboratory results, the effect of the CFs can be viewed from two distinct aspects: CFs and Matter. In the former aspect, it is equivalent to the application of one of the mental states in the coordinates of the mind of matter. In the latter aspect, this is equivalent to the occurrence of a behavior corresponding to the nature of matter experienced through evolution. In addition, this process takes place without the need to give or take energy or change the microstructure or arrangement of the matter. Moreover, answers to why and how the properties and behavior of materials have changed under the influence of the CFs while  these fields have not led to a decrease or increase in the energy level of matter or change in the structure of matter is provided in this paper.

Keywords: Mind of Matter, Materials Behavior, Mental Body, Consciousness Fields

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