The Sub-DNA Reactors According to Faradarmani

AuthorsMohammad Ali Taheri, Mojdeh Mizani
Publication date2013
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract Among the topics of discussion in “Faradarmani”, an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine that is based on theory of “Consciousness Bond,” are the transformers (Reactors) of different inorganic/nonphysical universal vital forces which can have an important role in cellular repair. Sub-DNA reactors (Cellular Reactors) are one of such reactors that receive vital force from the matrix of universe and make it usable for DNA molecules. They transform DNA molecules to a living entity. Life, one of the mysteries of the world of science, is in fact related to the way vital force flows. Sub-DNA reactors can be reactivated through Faradarmani.
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