Authors Taheri, Mohammad Ali and Semsarha, Farid and Mahdavi, Majid and Afsartala, Zohreh and Amani, Laleh
Publication date 24 Nov 2020
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Publisher SSRN


Mohammad Ali Taheri, the inventor of Faradarmani method believes beyond matter and energy fields, there are consciousness fields that can be accessed through connection of the consciousness of the subject of study to the cosmic consciousness network. This causes an optimization in a subject’s structure and function. Apart from the fact that most studies in the field of cancer are aimed at the death of cancer cells, the purpose of this study was to investigate the MCF-7 cancer cell survival and death according to their optimal nature under the influence of the Faradarmani consciousness field. For the purpose of this investigation, cellular viability was evaluated by MTT assay for 6-24 h under the influence of Faradarmani consciousness field. Consequently, cell cycle analysis was performed for evaluation of apoptotic cell death. Finally, the expression of Bcl2 and Bax genes in MCF-7 cells was evaluated as a validation of the obtained cellular scale results. Our findings demonstrate that the Faradarmani consciousness field treatment significantly induced cell proliferation in the MCF-7 cell culture in specific test conditions mediated by increasing cellular viability by about 18% in comparison to the control in a time-dependent manner. Moreover, the S-phase in the cell cycle, as a sign of cell population in the sample treated with Faradarmani was increased by 56% (up to 24h) in comparison to the control. Moreover, the results of the Realtime PCR reaction show that in cells treated with Faradarmani consciousness field, the Bax / Bcl2 message ratio decreased after 24 h (more than 1-fold negative control (untreated)) suggesting a higher cell survival and resistance to death. Considering the concepts of the consciousness fields according to Taheri, proliferation and survival appear to become optimized in MCF-7 cancer cell lines under influence of Faradarmani consciousness field.

Keywords: Bax/Bcl2; Cell Cycle; Consciousness Field; Cosmic Consciousness Network; Faradarmani; MCF-7; MTT Assay; Survival