Authors Arezoo Pedram Nia; Mohammad Ali Taheri; Afshin Lorestani; Monir Haddad; Azita Pooyanfar
Conference date September 2020
Conference name SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2020, Tucson, Arizona


Faradarmani and Psymentotherapy are methods of applying the consciousness fields to the treatment of disturbances of human existential dimensions introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri. What happens in these methods is the relation between the partial and total (cosmic) intelligence and consequently the scan of the system under study is performed for repair and correction. The current research aimed to examine the effect of Fara-darmani and psymentotherapy methods and their consciousness fields on the meaning of life, personality and god perception for the clients of the Erfane-Kamal center in Tehran (capital of Iran). The quasi-experimental method with pretest-post test was utilized for 35 participants were simple-randomly selected among 100 persons who actively and voluntarily underwent Fara-darmani method training course (54 sessions, twice a week for 120 minutes, include theoretical subjects and experience of its consciousness fields). Due to Fara-darmani training course, about 78% (p-value=0.001) change occurred for the participants meaning of life according to Meaning in Life Questionnaire (Wang). In other words, their perceptions, interpretations, judgments and attitudes effectively increased after the training. The Cloninger’s Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) was used for assay of personality changes due to training course. The mean scores for harm-avoidance (48% – p<0.001), novelty seeking (11% – p<0.047), persistence (10% – p<0.057) decreased after the training. The mean scores for the Self-transcendence (54% – p<0.001), Cooperation (48% – p<0.001), self-directedness (46% – p<0.001) increased. The mean scores for reward-dependence (7% – p<0.01) did not significantly changed after the training. Greeley perception of God scale includes 72 phrases with six subscales. Four-point Likert scale was used. The training course has effect on perception of God and determines 66% change in post-test (p<0.001). Fara-darmani and Psymentology training course has additive effect on these subscales: presence: 56% (p<0.001), impact: 11% (p<0.001), providence: 48% (p<0.001), goodwill: 57% (p<0.001). This training course has no significant effect in subscales of challenge and reception. In conclusion in case of Fara-darmani and Psymentology training course that focuses on correcting worldviews, and philosophy of human creation, it is anticipated that people’s worldview regarding these topics would be corrected after undertaking the training courses which has been confirmed by statistical results.

Keywords: Consciousness field; Fara-darmani; God Perception; Meaning of life; Personality; Psymentotherapy

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