The Effect of Faradarmani on General Health

AuthorsMohammad Ali Taheri, Maryam Parazin, Fatemmeh Ashrafi-Amineh, Sara Saie Joeghan
Publication date2013
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract Faradarmani, an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine, is based on theory of “Consciousness Bond”. This article aims to compare general health of people who used Faradarmani with those who did not. Comparative study was conducted on two groups of 25 people each. Case group had attended Faradarmani classes for more than a year, while control group had not. Goldberg GHQ28 was used. t-test showed people who had attended Faradarmani were significantly healthier, and anxiety, social function disorder and depression were much lower in case group. Faradarmani can significantly improve general health of people in all scales.
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