Study of Faradarmani Therapy on Schizophrenia (A case study)

AuthorsVahid Riahi, Roja Larijani, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date2011
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract Faradarmani is a kind of complementary and alternative medicine in Iran. in shape of case study design in 8 months, the faradarmani therapy was performed on a woman with schizophrenia . Elham is a 40 years old woman and the diagnosis for her is acute undifferentiated schizophrenia, along with dysthymia. Her status during the period of therapy was closely observed by two psychiatrists, a neurologist, a general practitioner, an expert in clinical psychology, two faradarmani therapists and her family. And in order for determining her psychological components, the pre and post-test of MMPI II was taken use of. In the viewpoints of her doctors, psychologist, faradarmani therapists and her family, her improvements are essential. The MMPI II test, confirms the current normal psychological status of her.the results show that faradarmani had essential and noticeable effects on decreasing of schizophrenia and dysthymia symptoms. Faradarmani had no costs and side effects and decreases the need of usual therapies.
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