Figure caption: relationship between Science & Sciencefact; Science studies matter and energy. This view is generally quantitative and refers originality to the hardware section of the cosmos and its components. However, Sciencefact exclusively studies the section that is neither matter, nor energy and views the cosmos and its components through the software originality perspective.


  • Popular science studies matter and energy. This view is largely quantitative and gives originality to the hardware sector of the universe and its components.
  • In contrast, Sciencefact as a new science deals only with the part that is neither matter nor energy and looks at the universe and its relation from the point of view of software authenticity.
  • Sciencefact explores the category of consciousness and considers the world affected by the Cosmic Consciousness Network (CCN).
  • Sciencefact discovers evidence of influence on the world of matter and energy through the consciousness fields (CFs).
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