Publication of the 11th issue of the Scientific Journal of Cosmointel in Farsi and English

11th issue

The Journal of Cosmointel is honored to announce the release of its 11th issue available in both Farsi and English language. This issue contains five scientific papers in the field of Physics under the title of “The Effects of Taheri Consciousness Fields on Thermoluminescence Phenomenon: Examining the Function and   of  T-Consciousness Fields’ Effects at the Atomic Level of Matter”.

This issue is dedicated to extensive and focused studies in nuclear physics, on a phenomenon called thermoluminescence, using materials known as TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter) chips. When the subject of study, which in these investigations are TLD discs, is affected by T-Consciousness Fields, their behavior changes relative to the control. These results provide evidence of variability in information indices as proposed by me. For experimental and laboratory examination of new evidence of T-Consciousness Field Theory, after choosing the topic specific to the reaction between radiation and sensitive TLD dosimeter, and investigating the composite effects of T-Consciousness Fields 1, 2, and 3 on this reaction, several main objectives are pursued:

The first objective is to obtain empirical and laboratory evidence of the distinction and difference between T-Consciousness Fields and energy, especially different types of radiation.

The second is to study the effect of T-Consciousness Fields on the material and energetic components of the system under investigation. Using a sensitive system to record changes, we can examine the effect of T-Consciousness Fields on radiation as a significant component of the universe since its inception.

Third, some studies that are impossible or challenging in other systems due to their complexity, and the presence of numerous uncontrollable variables, or lengthy observation periods should be considered and included in this study.

For instance, investigating long-term changes while maintaining identical conditions between the sample and control, analyzing the memory of T-Consciousness Field effects, studying the effect of initial population differences in the type and intensity of response to T-Consciousness Fields (similar to biological studies with cellular and animal models where results analysis is complex), or examining the effect of different TCF Users in measurable empirical results.

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11th issue
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