Mass Changes of Pure Silica in Temperatures up to 1000 °C under the Influence of Consciousness Bond Field: A Study of Taheri Consciousness Theory

Authors Bahareh Kazazi, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date Apr 18, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_9_en_US Vol. 1 No. 8
Pages 8 to 21
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


According to Taheri’s theory, T-Consciousness can be converted into matter and energy and vice versa. Consciousness Bond Field is one of many Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri as new Fields. These Fields are neither mat-ter nor energy; therefore, do not possess a quantity, but they have di-rect effects on both matter and energy. In other words, although TCFs cannot be directly measured, we can investigate their effects indirectly through reproducible experiments. The current study aimed to inves-tigate this hypothesis by measuring the mass change of pure silica through a heating process. Samples made of 95% pure silica powder with a particle size of approximately 1700 nm from one pack and under the same conditions were submitted to the following thermal analyses: DTA (Differential thermal analysis), DSC (Differential scanning calo-rimetry), and TGA (Thermal gravimetric analysis). The analyses were performed on two sets of experimental samples, one group of samples under the effect of Consciousness Bond Field, and the other group was used as control samples. The 6 mg samples were heated with a growth rate temperature of 10 °C, in the temperature range of 25 to 1000 °C, in Air, under ASTM-E1131. The results demonstrated no changes in the structure of pure silica, such as melting or transformation, glassifica-tion, etc. On the other hand, the samples exposed to the T-Conscious-ness Field lost an average of 722% at a temperature of 350 degrees and a total of 141% at the final temperature more mass compared to the control samples. Based on the objective observations of the results, it is clear that this significant difference does not have any plausible ma-terial explanation, and therefore it indicates the existence of the T-Con-sciousness Field that was applied. It also provides proof of Taheri’s the-ory of the exchange of T-Consciousness with matter and energy.

Keywords: Silica powder, Taheri Consciousness Fields, Consciousness Bond Field, Thermal analysis

Citation:  Kazazi, B., & Taheri, M. A. (2022). Mass Changes of Pure Silica in Temperatures up to 1000 °C under the Influence of Consciousness Bond Field: A Study of Taheri ConsciousnessTheory. Journal of Cosmointel1(8), 8–21. Retrieved from