Launching and Publication of Cosmointel Journal T-Consciousness Research

We are pleased to announce that the website of Cosmointel’s Journal has been launched along with the publication of eight issues (Nos. 1-8) from the collection of the scientific research journals in the field of T-Consciousness for the fellow friends of Erfan Keyhani Halgheh and those who are  interested in this topic.

We hope that the publication of the “first journal in the history of science, researching on T-Consciousness Fields” within various fields and disciplines, which has been accomplished through conducting experiments in laboratories and statistical scientific studies by experts in each field, would significantly contribute to the development of the new science of Sciencefact, and help understanding the “All-Is-Unified Mindset” (uniting science, philosophy, religion, and spirituality).


1- The Persian section of the Cosmointel Journal’s website will be launched within the next few days, and the issues in Persian will be made available to those interested.

2- The paper publication and the distribution of English and Persian editions of the Cosmointel Journal is also on the agenda.

The Journal of Cosmointel website: