Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Firouz Payervand, Reza Yazdanparast, Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Sara Torabi , Farid Semsarha
Publication date 17 OCT 2021
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Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


The study of the mechanical properties of materials under the influence of forces is one of the fundamental and classical studies in engineering and physical sciences. In introducing the Consciousness Fields (CFs) as a new phenomenon, the study of these properties is of particular importance in understanding the nature and mechanism of its action. In this study, the effects of two types of Consciousness Fields on the mechanical properties of two types of steel using tensile testing were investigated. The tests results showed that the strength and brittleness of ST-37 steel increased in dynamic loading conditions under treatment of Consciousness Field type 2. Moreover, softening of ST-37 carbon steel and AISI 4340 alloy steel in quasi-static loading conditions under treatment of CF types 1 and 2 were observed, respectively. Finally, the correlation between the test results and Taheri’s theories of the Consciousness Fields was presented.

Keywords: Brittleness; Consciousness Fields; Materials; Mechanical Properties; Steel; Strength

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