Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Firouz Payervand, Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Sara Torabi, Farid Semsarha
Publication date 24 August 2021
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Publisher SSRN


Investigating the behavior of light in the vicinity of an aperture and observing Heisenberg’s uncertainty is a classic experiment in optics. Studies of Consciousness Fields according to Taheri include the study of different fields of physics in the systems under study. In these studies, by applying a Consciousness Field to the system under study, one observes changes in the behavior of the system as a function of the field. The present study performed with two aims: (a) Investigation of the effect of Consciousness Fields on the pattern of laser light diffraction through an aperture (in Fraunhofer diffraction patterns). (b) Investigation of the effect of Consciousness Fields on the behavior of light and observation of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in these conditions. In the present study, applying Consciousness Fields to the laser light independent from the set-up experiment did not affect the light behavior. On the other hand, applying Consciousness Fields to the set-up of light-passing test through an aperture has a significant effect on the light behavior in passing through the aperture. In such a way that the uncertainty and diffraction width in the state of treatment with the Consciousness Field is reduced compared to the control. This behavior is interpreted as reducing the effect of the observer in optics studies, where the aperture has been considered to be equivalent to an observer. In other words, this change in light behavior as a result of applying the Consciousness Field can be considered as a process of direct observation (without intermediaries) of the system under study using the Consciousness Field. The result of this study indicates the high potential of the impact of Consciousness Fields on the known laws of physics, as an innovative tool in the world of science.

Keywords: Consciousness Fields; direct observation; Fraunhofer diffraction; Heisenberg’s uncertainty