Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Gholamreza Zarrini, Sara Torabi, Noushin Nabavi, Farid Semsarha
Publication date 16 Sep 2021
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Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


The development of antibiotics resistance arising from antibiotics over-treatment is a main challenge in eliminating harmful bacteria and is associated with grave financial and human consequences worldwide. The contraction of resistant bacteria from hospitals is a key concern and many scientific research fields are aiming to develop strategies that prevent bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Consciousness Fields as novel Fields were founded by Mohammad Ali Taheri. These Fields are neither matter nor energy, therefore cannot be measured directly. But it is possible to study their effects on objects through controlled experiments. After investigating the effect of Faradarmani Consciousness Field (FCF) on bacterial populations in a previous study, we aimed to investigate the effect of FCF on antibiotics resistance of bacteria in identified hospital strains. As confirmed by disk diffusion and MIC methods, we found that resistance in the bacterial populations was altered. Specifically, P.aeruginosa, E.coli, B.subtilis, K.pneumoniae, A.bummani, and S.aureus strains showed a decrease in antibiotics resistance while S.aureus and P.aeruginosa strains showed an increase in resistance to antibiotics. Based on the results of this study, FCF has the ability to affect antibiotics resistance response in resistant populations. We suggest that this observation requires further attention. If the observations are reproducible with other researchers, FCF can be considered as a significant solution to this global problem.

Keywords: antibiotics resistance, Consciousness Field according to Taheri, disk diffusion method, Faradarmani, MIC method

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