Report on Drug Rehabilitation with Faradarmani

AuthorsMohammad Ali Taheri, Fatemeh Ashrafi-Amineh, Sara Saie Joeghan, Nima Yeghaneh
Publication date2013
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract Faradarmani, an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine, is based on “Consciousness Bond” or “Constituents Having Consciousness in Common”. According to this theory, every time a link is established between ‘Whole’ consciousness and consciousness of [body] parts, consciousness of the mind will be able to correct and self-repair the psyche and body, thus healing and recovery will take place. Faradarmani can alter the functional program of the cells and body by accessing their software-based programs. This report studies the effect of Faradarmani on the symptom rehabilitation of 11 drug addicts. The study is based on the self-reports of drug addict patients who voluntarily undertook Faradarmanitreatment. The group included 18.2% female and 81.8 % male, ages 20-51, high school to PhD education. Addiction types included opiate, cigarettes, LSD, crack and heroin. According to the results, Faradarmani can be used besides conventional medicine for drug rehabilitation or relative decrease in symptoms.
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