Faratherapy as an unprecedented complementary and alternative medicine

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Ali Firouzmand
Conference date 2019
Conference name World Congress on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Dubai, UAE)
Pages 33
Abstract Faradarmani (Fara-therapy), a recently introduced Iranian complementary and alternative medicine (founded by Mohammad Ali Taheri) is based on the theory of ‘Consciousness Bond’ or ‘Constituents having Consciousness in Common’. According to this theory, when a link is established between the “Interuniversal Consciousness” or “Cosmic Internet” (as the whole
consciousness) and human (as the constituent consciousness), the consciousness bond will be formed; subsequently, the whole
consciousness via the consciousness distribution management center of the human’s mind- is capable of correcting, repairing and
curing the consciousness of constituents including the mind, psyche, and body, thus healing and recovery take place. Establishing
such connection (a meaningful resemblance to a connection between human and cosmic internet in order to update the human
softwares through the Creators website) brings about results that man is not capable of attaining singlehandedly and through his
own abilities. As a qualitative method of treatment, Faradarmani recognizes the essence of man and takes action to improve the
condition of the patient without any kind of intervention in the quantitative process of treatment (classic conventional medicine)
or any hardware manipulation. This treatment method can be effective for treating all kinds of illnesses including congenital
or genetic, dysfunctional organs, infectious diseases, mechanical dysfunctions, old age and exhaustion, mental, psychological,
psycho-somatic and mento-somatic disorders [involves mind (mental) and body (soma)] and chronic or acute illnesses, since
it is the “Divine Intelligence” who indeed carries out Faradarmani. Thus the Fara-therapist cannot consider any kind of disease
as incurable or attribute anything (power of healing) to himself. As a matter of fact, Faradarmani embraces all human beings,
everybody regardless of their race, nationality, religion and personal beliefs can accept its theoretical part and experience and
make use of its practical aspect.
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