Effect of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on cell culture medium, bacterial contamination of cell culture and SARS-COV2 Replication in vitro

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Laleh Amani, Ahmad Khalili, Ali Zaman Vaziri, Hossein Keyvani
Publication date 27 June 2021
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Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


The Faradarmani consciousness field (CF) has been presented as a novel field by Mohammad Ali Taheri, which is not energy nor matter. Faradarmani CF doesn’t possess a quantity so we cannot directly measure it but it is possible to investigate its effect on subjects via controlled scientific experimentations.

Highly contagious and life-threatening the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) as a new member of the betacoronavirus genus has been first reported from China since mid-December 2019. Rapidly, COVID-19 infection has spread and became pandemic around the world. So far, there is no definitive and effective treatment for this disease.

The present work aimed to study the effect of the Faradarmani CF on SARS-COV2 replications and contaminated cell culture flasks by the bacteria.

In virus culture, Faradarmani CF caused induction of virus proliferation and in contaminated cell culture flasks by the bacteria; significant differences were found in the color, turbidity, and viability of the cultured Vero cells between CF treatment and control groups. The results of the present study clearly showed that Faradarmani CF has increasing effects on virus growth and proliferation in cell culture as well as Vero cell protection against bacterial contamination.

Due to the significant effects that the Faradarmani CF showed in this study, performing other laboratory experiments, as well as its effect in vivo, is recommended.

Keywords: COVID-19, Faradarmani Consciousness Field, Replication

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