معرفی سایت کازمواینتل و علم جدید Sciencefact

معرفی کازمواینتل در کنفرانس آگاهی آریزونا 2020

پخش ویدیو

ویدئوی آموزشی 1: معرفی سایت کازمواینتل

ویدئوی آموزشی 2 - چگونگی درخواست اتصال در فرادرمانگاه

Cosmos Documentary

مستند کیهان وارونه: نظریه ای از محمد علی طاهری

TSC 2020 Presentations

1- Evaluation of Depression, Anxiety & Headache in Migraine Patients Under Consciousness Fields

2- TSC 2020 - Effects of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on Triticum Aestivum under Salinity Stress

3- TSC 2020- Several Physical Systems Comply with Mohammad Ali Taheri's Theory of Mono-form Universe

4- TSC 2020 - Influence of the Consciousness Field on the Cement Properties and Behavior

5- TSC 2020 - Studying Practical Function of Creativity to Improve Learning Quality Using Spiritual Intelligence

6- TSC 2020 - Effect of Consciousness Fields on Meaning of Life, Personality & God Perception

7- TSC 2020 - Investigation of the Effectiveness of Consciousness Field on Women's Anxiety Reduction

8- TSC 2020 - Investigation of the Brain Electromagnetic Behavior during Faradarmani Connection

9- TSC 2020 - The Effect of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on the Survival of Breast Cancer cells

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