Authors Mehri Sheykho , Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date 12 July 2021
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Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


Every particle in the universe is affected by different fields such as gravitational field, electromagnetic field, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and so on. According to the theory of Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of complementary medicine (Faradarmani-Psymentology), another field, different from known physical fields, with an immaterial and non-energetic nature, is introduced under the title of the Consciousness Fields (CFs), which currently could be found only through empirical methods. One of the results of the functioning of CFs is the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in human beings. Borderline personality disorder is a multidimensional disorder characterized by numerous deficiencies in interpersonal relationships, self-concept, and cognitive functions. This study aimed to investigate the possibility of reducing borderline personality disorder by being exposed to the CFs. The method of the present research is quasi-experimental including two control and experimental groups and the pre-test scores are controlled during the analysis process. The statistical population was selected from clients with borderline personality disorder visited one of the psychological clinics in Tehran’s District 5, in 2019. The statistical sample included 28 females diagnosed with borderline personality disorder using the Borderline Personality Questionnaire (STB). Selecting the sample was random and they were assigned to the control and experimental groups. In this study, the experimental group included patients who were exposed to the CFs for 60 minutes. In order to determine the effectiveness of this treatment, the ANCOVA test with pre-test control was used. The results showed that 27% of the variance between the two groups was due to the effects of CFs. Therefore, the main hypothesis of the research is confirmed. To test the sub-hypotheses, the MANCOVA test was also used.  There was a significant difference between the two groups in the dependent variables and the effectiveness of treatment was 32% and also the statistical power indicated the sample size was relatively adequate. According to the results, the effect of CFs in reducing disappointment, impulsivity, and Dissociative identity disorder/paranoia was 25% and 14%, respectively. Therefore, sub-hypotheses number 1 and 2 were confirmed and sub-hypothesis number 3 about the effects on Dissociative identity disorder/paranoia was rejected.

Keywords: Consciousness Fields, Faradarmani, Psymentology, Borderline Disorder

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