Authors Behrouz Radnassab; Mohammad Ali Taheri; Farid Semsarha; Majid Mahdavi; Laleh Amani; Zohreh Afsartala
Conference date September 2020
Conference name SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2020, Tucson, Arizona


As claimed by the inventor of the Fara-darmani method, Mohammad Ali Taheri, this communication is a unique way of connecting to the cosmic intelligence network. As a result, the subject under study is confronted with the correct form of data and specific information and undergoes changes to optimize structure and performance. Investigating the apoptotic behavior of cancer cells in their interaction with drugs is one of the fields of study today in cellular and molecular science. But the study of cancer cell personality in the culture medium itself and in interaction with the cosmic intelligence network has been poorly studied. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cancer cell personality in the ecosystem and in the interaction with the cosmic intelligence network. In this study, we investigated the effect of Fara-darmani connection on the growth and proliferation of breast cancer MCF7 cells. Moreover, the result of this intervention has been compared with the typical anticancer drug intervention. For this purpose, in the present study, cellular viability was evaluated by MTT assay for 6-24 h. Then, cell cycle analysis and inverted microscopy were performed for evaluation of apoptosis cell death. Our findings demonstrated that Fara-darmani connection significantly induced cell proliferation in the MCF7 cell culture mediated by increasing in the cellular viability about 18% in comparison with control in a time-dependent manner. Sub-G1 cell cycle arrest as a sign of cell death increased in positive control (Doxorubicin) in a time-dependent manner, whereas sub-G1 population was not observed in MCF7 cell treated with this intervention. These observations showed that the Fara-darmani connection as an external factor caused a time-dependent increase in the cell growth and viability without induction of apoptosis in comparison to negative (untreated cells) and positive (Dox) control groups. Considering our findings, Fara-darmani can be a promising candidate for more researches and suggested that this method makes MCF7 cancer cells more survival and less death in its culture medium.

Keywords: cell cycle; consciousness field; Fara-darmani; MCF7; MTT assay; survival

Publishing Organization: Cosmointel Inc.