Faradarmani”, is an introduced Iranian complementary and alternative medicine founded by Mohammad Ali Taheri. This system is based on the theoretical concept of “Consciousness Bond”. As a qualitative complementary method of treatment, Faradarmani takes action to improve the condition of the patient without any kind of intervention in the quantitative process of treatment and without any hardware manipulation (treatments applied physically such as pharmaceutical, invasive & surgical, physiotherapy, massage therapy, or any other similar method in which tools and devices are to be implemented). Faradarmani can be considered in treating/healing various kinds of physical, psychological and mental diseases.

According to “Consciousness Bond” theoretical concept, whenever a link is established between consciousness of the whole or Cosmic Internet (Network of Cosmic Consciousness) and consciousness of [body] parts, the consciousness of the mind will be able to scan, modify and repair the function of various human constituents, following the formation of a certain consciousness field.

Establishing link between Consciousness of the whole and parts is called “Connection”. One of the specific characteristics of Cosmic Internet is the possibility of using its various subset consciousness fields, connecting to which would be possible for an observer through atemporal and aspatial channels; this procedure is practically called “Connection”. This tunnel can have exclusive characteristics and make significant changes to living creatures and molecules via variable consciousness fields. However, nothing would happen without accessing the time-space tunnel. Therefore, a variable consciousness field is developed provided that “Connection” is established. One of the Consciousness Fields or possibilities of connection to Cosmic Internet is Faradarmani.

Fara-therapist is a person who starts the Connection and causes the modification of patient’s diseases by establishing the link between the whole consciousness and the parts. In fact, the therapist only plays the role of intermediate, and the modifications are fulfilled by the Cosmic Internet itself and Scanning will begin.

Scanning means examination of patient’s entire existence through consciousness bond in order to find problems and illnesses. Scanning categorically reveals the patient’s health record and systematically removes the problem through various manifestations. In scanning process every part of the human existence is scanned and examined by the Cosmic Internet. The dysfunctional or defected parts are identified accordingly and prioritized for analysis and treatment. Based on the nature of this Connection, some information is conveyed and the defective and distressed parts of the body are revealed in the form of: Seeing colors, lights, the feeling of movement and activity of some kind of energy throughout the body, also by feeling heat, pain, sharp aches, pulsation, twitching or convulsions and so on. In this way the patient goes through the so-called Scanning process and by eliminating the symptoms, the healing process will be initiated.

The Cosmic Internet or Cosmic Consciousness Network is a collection or network of intelligence that governs the universe and is one of the three main elements that make up the cosmos. Since consciousness is neither matter nor energy, it is not confined to the dimensions of time and space. Therefore, healing via this Network is possible from close and far distances.

Figure 1 – Consciousness bond

EXTERNALIZATION (Stage of Discharge)

Once the patient’s record of illnesses is scanned, the Stage of Discharge or Externalization begins. “Externalization” refers to the disclosure of the history of diseases and outflow of its symptoms. History of diseases may go back to embryonic stage or childhood and include one’s revealed and hidden diseases as well as latent fears, obstacles, psychological tensions, mental disorders, etc. This history could be related to any of existential elements of the patient such as body, psyche, mind and so on. For a deep-rooted healing to take place, the patient must tolerate these Externalizations and let these discharges to be completed with patience.

Figure 2. Faradarmani without stage of discharge
Figure 3. Faradarmani with stage of discharge


Faradarmani is administered by Fara-therapist who is a trained practitioner. During a Faradarmani session the patients are asked to close their eyes for at least five to ten minutes and be an Impartial Observer which means merely observe the feelings and impartially experience the changes they encountered during Connection. It should be mentioned that Faradarmani also happens from long distance without the need of Fara-therapist physical presence. The patient is required to do this procedure at least once a day and afterwards the details of his/her healing and the subsequent outcome and feelings can be reported to Fara-therapist or the Center.


  • Principle: The priority in treatment is with common conventional medicine and when this has proved ineffective, the patient can request assistance from a Fara-therapist for accessing treatment through Faradarmani. A Fara-patient, in majority of the cases, is someone who has tried the conventional methods of treatment and has gained no results; therefore it is deemed that anyone wishing to try Faradarmani has not been able to achieve results from conventional medicine (this principle must be explained to the patient).
  • Principle: Those who are on medication and cannot completely come off their medication and have not received any results from conventional treatments can use Faradarmani with the supervision of their Medical Doctor. Also, they can follow the progress of Faradarmani and decrease the dosage of their medication under the supervision of their Doctors. It is obvious that in this case, all the responsibility of medication lies with the patient.
  • Principle: It is possible that a number of Fara-therapists apply Faradarmani on one patient simultaneously, and a number of patients can likewise, simultaneously receive Faradarmani from one Fara-therapist; either way, the end results are the same. Moreover, since the Interuniversal Consciousness accomplishes the treatment; there is no difference between Fara-therapists.
  • Principle: The type of illness including congenital or genetic, dysfunctional organs, infectious diseases, mechanical dysfunctions, old age and exhaustion, psychological, psychosomatic disorders, chronic or acute, and history of illness does not have any effect on the process of treatment in Faradarmani.
  • Principle: There are no limitations for the number of times, a patient can benefit from Faradarmani in long-distance connection and the patient can use this service as often as he intends to, 24 hours, day and night. Patients, who are in a different time zone in relation to their Fara-therapist, can announce the preferred time for sitting through a session to the Fara-therapist in accordance with their own local time. The Fara-therapist will then announce this time to the Interuniversal Consciousness and there is no need to convert this into local time.
  • Principle: Long and short distance Faradarmani are not different in terms of the results of the treatment, and the results are not affected by the merit, talent or capability of the Fara-therapist.
  • Principle: Practicing Faradarmani does not bring any negative Karma or consequences for the individual because it is performed through the Divine Consciousness only.
  • Principle: As this is the Cosmic Consciousness Network who indeed carries out the Faradarmani, therefore the Fara-therapist does not have the right to: Consider any kind of disease as incurable or attribute anything (power of healing) to himself in this regard.
  • Principle: The long-distance Connection of the patient is effective regardless of his position, whether one is sitting, standing, lying down, or in any condition, direction, location, which is possible for a person including moving or standing still (for example in a bus, airplane, ship).
  • Principle: Current pains, illnesses and also the patient’s previous history of illnesses, which either have not been treated or partially treated in the past, are once more reviewed and the symptoms would be revealed. The process of treatment is initiated according to the patterns displayed by the following graphs:

A: Psychosomatic Disorders:

Psychosomatic disorders are somatic (physical) disorders with psychological/emotional roots.

Figure 4. Psychosomatic disorders without externalization
Figure 5. Psychosomatic disorders with externalization

B: Mento-somatic Disorders: 

Mento-somatic disorders are somatic (physical) disorders with mind-related roots such as worldview problems and wrong beliefs.

Figure 6. Mento-somatic disorders without externalization

C: Mental Disorders:

Figure 7. Mental disorders with long treatment duration at the beginning (without externalization)
Figure 8. Mental disorders with short treatment duration at the beginning (without externalization)
Figure 9. Mental disorders with long treatment duration at the beginning (with externalization)
Figure 10. Mental disorders with short treatment duration at the beginning (with externalization)

D: Psychological/Emotional and Physical Disorders

Figure 11. Emotional disorders without externalization
Figure 12. Emotional disorders with externalization