Authors Bahareh Kazazi, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date Apr 18, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_9_en_US Vol. 1 No. 8
Pages 22 to 35
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


According to Taheri’s theory of Consciousness, T-Consciousness can be converted into matter and energy and vice versa. Consciousness Bond Field is one of many Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri as new Fields. These Fields are neither matter nor energy; therefore, they do not possess a quantity, but they have direct effects on both matter and energy. In other words, although TCFs cannot be directly measured, we can investigate their effects indirectly through reproducible experiments. In this study, pure copper was selected to study its density and thermal behavior in the presence of the Consciousness Bond Field. Two meters of wire were cut from a cable and divided into two equal parts. Diffusion spectrometry was performed on the samples, and 15 pieces of 19.5 ±0.25 mm were cut from each sample. The density of the samples was examined by the Archimedes method. The samples were then heated up to 300 °C. The relative increase in their lengths was examined at targeted tempera-tures, and the density of the samples was measured once more. Radio-graphic examination was performed on the 12 samples. The test results showed that all parts were healthy and free of defects. The changes in density followed a pattern opposite to those of the control samples and inconsistent with the known laws of material physics. Considering the increase in length, the density should have been decreased signifi-cantly compared to the control samples following dilatometry, but this was not the case. The density of the samples under the Conscious-ness Bond Field increased despite the increase gained in length. As the samples were undamaged and intact, the sample mass must have increased according to the concept of density and its increase. An XRD sample from each group was investigated. The observed changes gave the possibility of higher defects in the sample under TCF.

Keywords: Consciousness Bond Field, Taheri Consciousness Fields, Copper Dilatometry, Densitometry

Citation:  Kazazi, B., & Taheri, M. A. (2022). Examining the Length and Density Changes of Copper up to 300 °C under the Influence of Consciousness Bond Field: A Study of Taheri Consciousness Theory. Journal of Cosmointel1(8), 22–35. Retrieved from