Authors Zahra Rasooli, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date Apr 17, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_6_en_US Vol. 1 No. 5
Pages 16 to 23
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of Behavior Thera-py and Psymentology, founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri, in reducing anxiety in women referred to the Ferdis Medical Center between 2014 and 2015. The research method applied was the Quasi-experimental method, using the pre-test/post-test designs. Random sampling was conducted, and 45 people were picked and assigned to the three groups. Zung Anxiety Scale was used to collect data. The data collected through the questionnaire were analyzed us-ing the co-variance method along with SPSS software. The results in-dicated that the level of female anxiety in the control group was sig-nificantly different from those subjected to Psymentology (p<0.01). There was a significant difference between the Psymentology group and the control group (p<0.05), as well as the Psymentology group with the behavior therapy group (p<0.05). The findings demonstrat-ed that Psymentology was more effective than Behavior Therapy. The results showed that both Psymentology and behavior therapy signif-icantly reduced anxiety levels in women. However, the effectiveness of Psymentology in reducing anxiety was greater than that of behav-ior therapy

Keywords: Behavior Therapy, Psymentology, Anxiety, Taheri Consciousness Fields

Citation:  Rasooli, Z., & Taheri, M. A. (2022). Comparing the Effectiveness of Behavior Therapy and Psymentology in Reducing Women’s Anxiety. Journal of Cosmointel1(5), 16–23. Retrieved from