Areas of Interests

  • Conduct research projects in all areas relevant to the world’s science-related fields.
  • Introducing the principles of Consciousness Fields according to Taheri to the world of science.
  • Investigating the electromagnetic and molecular behavior of the brain.
  • Evaluation of the cellular and molecular (proteome/metabolom/genome/epigenome) behavior in culture and near-body conditions.
  • Research in the field of microbiology by establishing the basics of ecosystem assessment in interaction with microorganisms.
  • Research in the field of botany by examining ecosystem-oriented changes in species optimization.
  • Research in the field of zoology by modeling impacts on disease and basic human studies.
  • Research on human patient populations after basic rule-of-law studies and enrollment in global clinical references.
  • Research in the field of industry and engineering to improve the atomic and molecular behavior of structural materials.
  • Research in the fields of chemistry, physics and materials.
  • Publish high-quality scientific articles in reputable journals.
  • Writing related chapters of books from world-renowned publications.
  • Providing health services with the other complementary health providing methods around the world.
  • Conducting global training courses based on the scientific aspects of Consciousness Fields and its practical application.


As of today, valuable studies have been conducted on practical effect of Consciousness Fields on cellular and molecular level. Supporting Cosmointel allows the Center to be at the forefront in introducing new approach of Sciencefact, as well as understanding and application of the Consciousness Fields. Hence, we would like to invite laboratories and research institutions for collaboration. 

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