Effects of Taheri Consciousness Fields on the HT29 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Laleh Amani, Ali Zaman Vaziri, Ahmad Khalili
Publication date Apr 17, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_7_en_US Vol. 1 No. 6
Pages 30 to 37
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


Colorectal cancer accounts for 11% of all cancers diagnosed, and it is the sec-ond deadliest cancer worldwide. Surgery and chemotherapy or targeted ther-apy are generally used for the treatment of colorectal cancer. However, there are significant challenges, such as recurrence of tumor and drug resistance, so the application of novel methods is required for the treatment of this can-cer. Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) were founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri. These new fields are not energy or matter and cannot be measured directly. However, we can evaluate the effects of TCFs indirect-ly through various kinds of research in the laboratory. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of TCFs (A and B) on the HT29 human colon cancer cells in two and three announcements compared with the control group. The mor-phology and microscopic properties of cells were investigated in TCF (A) and TCF (B) groups compared with the control, and the cells were detached and stained with trypan blue, then the dead cells were counted. To evaluate the inhibitory effect of the TCFs, the MTT assay was used. The expression of two apoptosis-related genes (Bax and Bcl-2) was assessed using RT Real-time PCR. The results demonstrated that TCFs decreased the cell number and changed the morphology of the HT29 cells. In trypan blue dye count, more dead cells were counted in the TCFs groups compared with the control. In the MTT assay, both TCFs decreased the viability of cells on HT29 cells during in-c ubation times (p< 0.05). Bax/Bcl-2 ratio increased 4.9 and 7.6-fold in the TCF (A) and TCF (B) treated cells, respectively (P<0.05). Therefore, TCF (A) and TCF (B) induced apoptosis in HT29 cells. The TCF (B) effect was greater than the TCF (A) effect in all tests. There are still many ambiguities and questions about the nature and effects of TCFs. To clarify the issue, more research is needed in vitro, in vivo, and clinically.

Keywords: Taheri Consciousness Fields, HT29 human colon cancer cells, cell viability

Citation:  Taheri, M. A., Amani, L., Vaziri, A. Z., & Khalili, A. (2022). Effects of Taheri Consciousness Fields on the HT29 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells. Journal of Cosmointel1(6), 30–37. Retrieved from https://journalofcosmointel.com/index.php/journalofcosmointel/article/view/52