Effect of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on the Mice 4T1 Breast Cancer Model

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Hamid Karimi, Sara Torabi, Noushin Nabavi, Farid Semsarha
Publication date Apr 17, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_7_en_US Vol. 1 No. 6
Pages 54 to 63
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


The use of complementary and alternative medicine along with conventional methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, with the aim of cancer pre-vention and treatment, has been investigated and validated in various prec linical and clinical studies. Meanwhile, in contrast to the widespread use of medicinal plants and other complementary and alternative medicine methods in the preclinical trials with animal models of cancer, as an imp ortant step confirmingthe safe and effective use in humans, similar studies in the fieldof mind-body modalities are rarely examined. A new treatment method founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri provides a different type of consciousness (Taheri Consciousness Fields) that is neither matter nor energy. The effectiveness and capability of this new complementary and al-ternative medicine were examined in this study, and the effectiveness of one of Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) named Faradarmani, was investigated in the 4T1 orthotopic breast cancer spontaneous metastasis Balb/c mouse model. According to the res ults, the Faradarmani CF treatment, during tu-mor progression, had a significanteffect on inhibiting the growth of cancer-ou s masses and preventing metastasis in the mice animal model under the study. Moreover, this treatment had a reproducible and significantpositive effect on survival behavior and natural vital functions of the treated mice in comparison with the untreated control group.

Keywords: Faradarmani; Taheri Consciousness Fields; Cosmic Consciousness Network; breast cancer; 4T1 model; complementary and alternative medicine

Citation:  Taheri, M. A., Karimi, H., Torabi, S., Nabavi, N., & Semsarha, F. (2022). Effect of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on the Mice 4T1 Breast Cancer Model. Journal of Cosmointel1(6), 54–63. Retrieved from https://journalofcosmointel.com/index.php/journalofcosmointel/article/view/54