Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Firouz Payervand, Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Sara Torabi , Farid Semsarha
Publication date 30 June 2021
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Publisher Research Square


Magnetization hysteresis loop provides important information about the magnetic properties of materials. In this study, by examining the magnetic properties of three paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in the vicinity of the Consciousness Fields (three types 1,2 and 3), we have investigated the nature of the Consciousness Fields in comparison with magnetic field. The magnetic properties of the materials under the influence of three distinct Consciousness Fields have changed significantly. Furthermore, the Consciousness Field 1 of the present study (with originally named Consciousness Bond Field by Taheri) has changed the magnetic properties of materials toward their physically inherent state in standard laboratory conditions. Based on the conditions and the results of the present study, it can be concluded that the Consciousness Fields are inherently neither electric nor magnetite fields and have a completely different and distinct impact on materials and their properties.

Keywords: Consciousness Fields, hysteresis loop, magnetic properties, physical fields