Definition of ‘Mind (Zehn)’ or ‘Mental Body’ as Approached by psymentology

AuthorsMohammad Ali Taheri, Amin Biriya
Publication date2013
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract In Psymentology [‘Psyche’+‘Mental’+Logy’], a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) of Iran that has an Interuniversalist perspective with a totally holistic way of viewing the human being, Mind (Zehn) is not regarded as a part of the brain, but the brain activities are a function of the Zehn, meaning that Zehn is in charge of managing the brain. Human Zehn is then separable into two divisions:1. Instinctive Zehn: Instinctive Zehn, in relation to provision of vital, natural or instinctive needs, by processing the required data arrangements, figures out and provides the most accessible solutions for survival. This part of Zehn is not exclusive to mankind. 2. Perceptive Zehn: It takes care of the data arranging and data processing, in a way that yields in interpretations from self, the existence, any topic surrounding mankind and the creator. Therefore resulting in manifold understandings, sensations and comprehensions in regards to any phenomenon.
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