Consciousness Fields According to Taheri: Experimental Investigation of the Function and Implication of Consciousness

Authors Mohammad Ali Taheri, Mehrnaz Monzavi, Carl Myerholtz, Mina Monfared, Farid Semsarha
Publication date 01 Mar 2021
Journal SSRN
Volume **
Pages ***
Publisher SSRN


The nature of consciousness and its place in the world of science has received much attention in scientific and popular literature in the current century. This has stimulated numerous studies in the form of various projects in diverse specialized fields which have turned the study of this elusive phenomenon into an ever-evolving discipline of mainly metaphysical and subjective nature. There is, however, an emerging new school of thought on Consciousness that is founded entirely on a new and paradigm-shifting definition and function of Consciousness which offers objective, recordable empirical observation with measurable and reproducible results.

Keywords: Consciousness Fields, Cosmic Consciousness Network, empirical observation, Mohammad Ali Taheri, SCIENCEFACT