Authors Taheri, M.A.; Semsarha, F.; Modarresi-Asem, F.
Publication date 27 September 2020
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Mind-body interaction and its manifestations at the brain level has been studied extensively in the field of consciousness research. Faradarmani Consciousness Field, as claimed by Mohammad Ali Taheri (the founder), is a method of connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness Network through human mind and his brain has a detective role in this process. As a result of this connection, the scanning process of the state of a being, e.g., the health status of the cells and consequently organs is performed. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the Faradarmani Consciousness Field connection on electroencephalogram (EEG) features as an important biomarker of the brain functioning. The results showed that there was a significant increase in the gamma2 frequency band (35-40 Hz) power in the frontal lobe in medial frontal gyrus (BA6) and paracentral lobule (BA31) of the brain during the task condition compared to the rest condition in a Faradarmangar’s population. Considering the cortical electrical activity of Faradarmangar’s brain during Faradarmani Consciousness Field connection, characterizing increase in the power of gamma wave and the activity of the areas affecting on memory, attention, perception and default mode network intrinsic activity. This manifestation distinguishes Faradarmani Consciousness Field connection from other known methods dealing with the mind-body interaction criterion mainly different types of mediation.

Keywords: Consciousness Field; cosmic consciousness network; default mode network; EEG; Faradarmani; Faradarmangar’s; gamma wave; Mind-body