About Us


Cosmointel Ltd. is the main monitoring center for Consciousness Fields research and studies founded by theorist and innovationist Mohammad Ali Taheri, which organizes purely scientific research according to his theories and teachings. The scientific and executive team in charge of this website is referred to as the R&D team, including scientists and researchers from various fields of science.


Mohammad Ali Taheri is a scholar and innovationist known for his theories: “Consciousness Fields” and “Cosmic Internet”. Based on his theory “Consciousness Fields” the behavior of a particle in a consciousness field is different from other fields so the personality (real character) of a particle will be different based on the consciousness field. A particle is formable, combinable, and decomposable. Therefore, particles can be repaired based on a certain consciousness field. Whenever a link is established between consciousness of the whole (Cosmic Internet or Network of Cosmic Consciousness) and consciousness of the [body] parts, by formation of a certain consciousness field, the consciousness of the mind will be able to scan, modify and repair the function of various human constituents.


Management of the R&D team, the overall structure of the scientific process, the final supervision of projects, and the final decision on how they are used and published are determined by Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri. Along the way, the consultations and supervision of specialized scientific teams under his direction will have a significant impact on the professional development of this institution.


Attendance at the scientific and professional team is welcomed based on expertise in various areas of science. If you would like to be part of the R&D team of consciousness field studies, please send your resume to the following email and wait for the call.


Email: admin@cosmointel.com



-Registering Faradarmani as a unique world-wide approach to intervention in the fields of  consciousness to perform basic and practical  studies in the fields of basic sciences,  humanities,  medicine and engineering.

-Introducing Faradarmani academic degree in world-wide universities

-Introducing the basics of consciousness fields and consciences network and how to work
 with them.

-Become a global hub of consciousness studies actively and with the ability to intervene



-Focus on research in the various fields of basic sciences, social sciences, medicine and
 engineering to obtain sufficient documentation to substantiate claims.

-Expanding collaboration with researchers and various centers to investigate the
 repeatability of data obtained through the Faradarmani intervention.

-Comparison of results obtained from Faradarmani interventions with other approved
 methods in the world of science to achieve similar effects.

-Expand the publication of abstracts, articles and books in world-renowned conferences,
 journals and publishers.