A Study of the Effect of Taheri Consciousness Bond Field on the Mechanical Crushing of Silica Particles

Authors Bahareh Kazazi, Mohammad Ali Taheri
Publication date Apr 18, 2022
Journal Journal of Cosmointel
Volume cover_issue_9_en_US Vol. 1 No. 8
Pages 120 to 141
Publisher Cosmointel Inc.


One of the materials used in various industries is silica. To achieve silica of different dimensions, mainly the method of crushing silica minerals is utilized. Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) were found-ed and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri as new Fields more than four decades ago. These Fields are immaterial and non-energetic, so they have no quantity, but they have direct effects on matter and energy. In other words, although TCFs are not directly measurable, we can indirectly study their effects with various controlled experi-ments. Therefore, the study of the effect of the Consciousness Bond Field, as one of the Fields, on the process of crushing pure silica is the subject of this study. Initially, relatively pure silica grain (98% purity) was prepared. 10 samples were prepared, 5 of which were put under Consciousness Bond Field. Each sample included 50 grams’ of silica in a titanium mechanical mill with 4 bullets of size 20, 20 bullets of size 15, 20 bullets of size 10, and 8 bullets of size 12. They were all under the same thermal and physical conditions and were milled alternately XRD (X-ray diffraction), DLS (Dynamic Light-Scat-tering), Zeta Potential (Electro-kinetic Potential), once with ultra-sonic bath, once without ultrasonic, TEM (Transmission Electron–Microscopy), and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) tests were done on the samples. It was found that in the samples under TCF, the strain of the crystalline lattice decreased, the distribution of the particles was more uniform, and the size of the smallest particles decreased. The electric charge of the particles’ surface immediately after milling was dispersed in the samples under the TCF and finally, the resultant charge of the particles’ surface neutralized each other after the use of an ultrasonic bath the TCF effect was reduced, and the surface load was measurable.

Keywords: Mechanical milling, crushing, silica, Consciousness Bond Field, Taheri Consciousness Fields

Citation:  Kazazi, B., & Taheri, M. A. (2022). A Study of the Effect of Taheri Consciousness Bond Field on the Mechanical Crushing of Silica Particles. Journal of Cosmointel1(8), 120–141. Retrieved from https://journalofcosmointel.com/index.php/journalofcosmointel/article/view/68