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Cosmic Consciousness Network

Cosmic Consciousness Network

The subject of “Consciousness”, is one of the most mysterious and amazing subjects before human. From this point of view, “Consciousness” is neither matter nor energy.

Hence, Consciousness cannot be explained and recognized through physical concepts, equations, etc. Although Consciousness is a non-physical factor, it’s the basis of the formation and creation of the “World of Frequency” or “Energy-Matter”. By planning and managing “Variable Force of Time”, “Consciousness” forms “Fundamental Vibration” and creates “Wave and Anti-wave”. By condensation of these waves simultaneously, “Matter and Anti-matter” and the reverse of these energies, “Dark Energies (hidden)” is formed.

In principle, the fundamental vibration can be called “Fundamental Motion”. This way, the material universe or our cosmos is made of motion; the motion that is caused by a “Fundamental Contradiction” (Duality of the general energies, regardless of energy and anti-energy in form of bright and dark energy, which is the creating factor of this fundamental contradiction). In other words, the key point behind the scenes of this cosmos is “Contradiction and Dipolarity” that is the basis for putting all the material elements in the form of duality, thus, creating motion and constituents of our cosmos. This plan also falls under the management of “Consciousness” to create the Dipolar World. In fact, this cosmos is only one of the infinite possibilities of the absolute knowledge and it’s considered only a small part of this manifestation.

So, this cosmos is other than the independent parallel universes for which there is no technological pathway to them, and the only accessibility is through consciousness pathways. Although, Consciousness is a qualitative field which is continuously in total oneness; it forms implementation of the fundamental qualitative affairs of the cosmos (or the main essence of designing the cosmos, such as: virtual-truth, relative-absolute, certain-uncertain, and nothingness-existence) in different levels and stages. Subsequently, quantitative and contradictory aspects the cosmos appears. These levels and stages (with total oneness) include:

  • High Super Consciousness
  • Super Consciousness
  • Consciousness (+ & -)
  • High Sub Consciousness
  • Sub Consciousness

Another important point is that “Consciousness” is not “Data and Information”; but data and information results from Consciousness and is the interface between consciousness and energy/matter. In other words, the material universe (cosmos) is formed under the influence of the Consciousness.

The function of Consciousness is understandable only by studying the data and information resulting from research on the cosmos and its constituents. Furthermore, despite the function of “Consciousness” in different levels, it is in total oneness. Note: Studying super consciousness, consciousness, and the way the life is managed and directed in this cosmos and other universes, shows a huge and inconceivable plan; so that, a small perception of this plan, unveils the secret of such a great design and its designer, and eventually leads to the perception of oneness with such a greatness (Fana fi Azemah) and immerse the human being in eternal amazement.

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Sciencefact Research Center

The monitoring and publishing center for T-consciousness fields research according to Taheri’s concepts.