9 Remarkable Presentations by Cosmointel Researchers – TSC 2020

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) conferences are the preeminent world  gatherings on all approaches to the profound and fundamental question of how the  brain produces conscious experience; a question which addresses who we are, the  nature of reality and our place in the universe. The Science of Consciousness is an  interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to all  aspects of the study and understanding of conscious awareness. Topical areas  include neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics,  meditation and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential  phenomenology. Held annually since 1994, the conference is sponsored by the  Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, and alternates  yearly between Tucson, Arizona and various locations around the world. 

The 27th annual conference of, (the world’s longest running and interdisciplinary  conference addressing fundamental aspects of consciousness, the brain, reality and  existence) was held as an ONLINE/Livestream + On-Demand conference during  September 14 to 18, 2020. 

CosmoIntel Inc. presented nine presentations in total to introduce Mohammad  Ali Taheri’s concepts of consciousness which is neither matter nor energy. Also  introduced was Consciousness Bond theory, and effects of applying different  consciousness fields on human, cells, molecules, plants, animals and  consequently introducing Sciencefact as a new science to the world. 

CosmoIntel presentations were presented in two main sessions: Concurrent  Session and Poster Session. TSC has divided Concurrent session into twenty-five  different categories and Poster session into six different categories. 

CosmoIntel had one presentation in C9 (Medicine/Healing) category of  Concurrent session. The presentation, “The Effect of Faradarmani Consciousness  Field on the Survival and Death of Breast Cancer MCF7 Cells; was presented on  the third day of the conference, Wednesday September 16, 2020 at 5:00pm 

5:45pm MST through Zoom Channel 2. Several questions were asked by  participants and audience regarding the theory of Faradarmani and how to apply  this consciousness field and analyzing the results, which were all answered  according to Taheri’s concepts of consciousness by CosmoIntel research team.

Among six categories of Poster session, CosmoIntel presented eight  presentations in three different categories. 

One presentation was in Neuroscience category, 

– Investigation of the Brain Electromagnetic Behavior During Faradarmani  Connection in a 

– Investigating the Practical Function of Creativity and Innovation to  Improve Learning Quality Using Spiritual (inner) Intelligence via  Consciousness Field 

– Investigation of the Effectiveness of Consciousness Filed (Psymentology)  on Women’s Anxiety Reduction in Comparison with Behavior Therapy – The Examination of the Effect of Consciousness Fields (Faradarmani and  Psymentology) on Meaning of Life, Personality and God Perception for the  Clients of Erfane-Kamal Center in Tehran 

These four presentations were presented and questioned on the second day of  the conference, Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 7:00PM-7:45PM MST through Zoom Channel 3. 

The other four presentations were in Physical & Biological Sciences category of  Poster session. The below presentations were presented and questioned on the last  day of the conference Friday, September 18, 2020 at 6:00pm-6:45pm MST through  Zoom Channel. 

– Alleviative Effects of Faradarmani Consciousness Field on Triticum  aestivum L. under Salinity Stress 

– Evaluation of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Headache Indices in  Migraine Patients During Conventional Therapies Under Influence of  Consciousness Fields 

– Influence of the Consciousness Field on the Cement Properties and Behavior – Several Physical Systems and Phenomena Comply with Mohammad Ali  Taheri’s Theory of the Mono-form Universe 

The majority of questions asked during the presentations were regarding  the following items: 

– Definition of consciousness according to Taheri’s concept 

– Difference between Faradarmani and Resonance therapy 

– What consciousness field is?

– How to apply consciousness fields 

– What is connection and how to establish it? 

– Have you ever utilized an electroencephalogram (EEG) procedures/tests in  research? 

– Who can establish the connection and how to learn it? 

– What kind of capabilities are required to establish the connection and to apply  consciousness filed? 

– The difference between Taheri’s method and meditation or other mental  methods? 

– Do you have any experiments on gene diseases? 

– Definition of Faradarmani and Psymentology 

– Is it possible to utilize the consciousness fields in the industries? – What is Sciencefact? Is Sciencefact a new science? Does it have any  collaborations with existing science? 

– How can someone get more/detailed information about Taheri’s theories and  his researchers? 

It is worth mentioning that Taheri’s consciousness concepts, introducing two  consciousness fields (Faradarmani and Psymentology) and the embarrassing  results of applying these fields were honored by many scientific and spiritual  researchers and mentors during the conference. The novelty of this approach  introduced Consciousness is neither matter nor energy, but formation of matter  and energy, events and physical laws are arising from consciousness was  astonishing for the participants and audiences during live discussions. They  were introduced to a new approach that consciousness which governs the  universe and embraces the particles and cosmos is not neither neuroscience nor  human perception of universe and surroundings. 

The chairwoman of Neuroscience poster session, of which CosmoIntel had  four presentations, was fascinated by the whole concept of consciousness  according to Taheri’s approach. She had watched and reviewed all CosmoIntel  presentations and articles in this category prior to the live discussion and she  asked interesting questions of how Faradarmani works and how to see the  results by applying it without utilizing any techniques or methods that require  human activities and capabilities. She also had questions regarding the  similarity of Faradarmani and resonance therapy and was interested to know if  there were any EGG test results as result of applying Faradarmani  consciousness field on human as well.

It was a surprise to the lead of C9 (Medicine/ Healing) concurrent live session  to see the results of applying Faradarmani field on breast cancer cells  (MCF7).The majority time of the meeting was in respect of the definition of  Faradarmani, establishing a connection, and how every researcher can utilize  this consciousness field in projects. There was also a question from one of the  participants concerning any test results of applying Faradarmani on gene  diseases. The audience and participants were instructed to visit CosmoIntel  website as the only monitoring and publishing research center for  consciousness fields according to Taheri’s approach to get more detailed  information regarding this approach. 

CosmoIntel presentations were the main point of attention during Physical &  Biological Sciences and Experiential Approaches live discussion session  among fifty posters on the last day of the conference. The CosmoIntel research  team was questioned respecting the influence of applying Faradarmani  consciousness field on plants and the capability of utilizing consciousness  fields in industries. 

The main focus of CosmoIntel presentations in this conference was to  introduce Sciencefact. Sciencefact explores the category of consciousness and  considers the world affected by the Cosmic Consciousness Network (CCN). It  also discovers evidence of influence on the world of matter and energy through  the consciousness fields (CFs). 

At the end of each live discussion the audience and participants were informed  regarding the summary of CosmoIntel scientific research activities and the  publication of the first editorial-approved article. They were also referred to  CosmoIntel website as the main monitoring center for Consciousness Fields  research and studies based on Sciencefact, to get more detailed information  regarding the ongoing projects/researchers and encourage them to contact  CosmoIntel through the website to collaborate on new researchers based on their  interest and knowledge.

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